New shidduch investigation site endorsed by gedolim

I am not a stickler for back round checks, in fact besides for googling the potential girl, playing Jewish Geography with our mutual friends on facebook and maybe looking at what they wrote on their friends only simchas pages- I am not really involved in seeking to find information about the girl- to me it takes all the fun away from the actual date and it just takes longer then a whole date would anyway.

But for those of you that need more information there is a new site which doesn’t actually give you any information- accept for the necessary details to stalk your potential dates family. In fact if I were a telemarketer I may be gathering information listed on this new site. Shidduchim List was created by some people who think that merely knowing where the boy is in yeshiva and the home address of his parents will be enough to decide if their daughter should be read to the boy.

“How many times do parents and shadchanim hear the name of what sounds like a great boy, but have no idea how to find information about him? was created to simplify the process, and hopefully, with the help of Hashem, generate many more shidduchim for Klal Yisrael!”

On the bottom of the site it says the following:
“ was produced with the haskama of Gedolei Yisrael. Our database includes names of boys, who are presently learning in Eretz Yisroel, Lakewood, Chaim Berlin, and Torah Vodaath.”

Are these the same gedolei yisroel that have banned the internet?

Don’t the above yeshivas not let students in if they have the internet at home?

Well I think this site is a big conspiracy– you see the boys listed are probably very holy and therefore any family that searches them from a home based internet connection, can be tracked and the boys family can weed out potential girls like this. Its like the Charedi Patriot Act.

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