I-pods are banned in Israel

Thank you Jameel for telling me about this

“A terrible plague is upon us, calming victims every day… these sinful devices were banned by all the great rabbis, but are still common in the haredi world… their devilish distributors want nothing more than to drive the people of Israel to sin, through movies and other abominations”

“This little device is the devil’s way to try and gain entrance to our protected homes and yeshivas, disguised as something you can listen to Torah lessons through”

It seems that they are saying movies are abominations and that the little device could be anything from a portable TV to a laptop or even a Blackberry. But they are talking about the lowly I-pod which cannot even access the internet and is merely used as an easier way to listen to Torah and music.

Wait are they saying Torah lessons are bad?

Uh oh, and I always though listening to Torah tapes on my I-pod was a good way to offset the obvious sins I am racking up by listening to Phish and Niel Young.

I still think that someone should come up with a gambling site that hedges bets on what the Charedi Chumra Police will ban next. I predicted several things in my Chumra Research Institute post- but the I-pod was not on the list.

Now the question is what will they ban next?