The longest most insane frumster profile ever – 40 pages long!!!

Thank God for Hadassah from the In the Pink Blog who sent this frumster profile to me via email, neither she nor I was able to get through the whole thing. It is the weirdest and most F—- up profile I have ever seen or will ever see for at least 1000 years- It is also the longest profile, 40 pages in a word document (in frumster format) I personally think the guy did it as a joke- and he proved a few things, he is seriously F—ed in the head, he has issues, he’s insane, clearly has way too much time on his hands and we all know why he’s still single.

If you make it through this profile- you also have way too much time on your hands, I skimmed it, and let me tell you it is HILARIOUS!

If you really want to contact this guy- the name is also one that appears to be made with the specific purpose of scaring away anyone- and labeling this guy as “most likely to shoot up a school” you can email me.

No Picture
Profile name removed because I do not want someone like this mad me

Premium (Last Login: less than a week ago)
Age: 30, Male
From: Lakewood, New Jersey, United States
Family Status: single (never married), without children
Religious Practice: Modern Orthodox (machmir)
Religious Background: from a religious family (Cohen)
Ethnicity: ashkenazi
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My Notes: (to help me remember facts about Removed for legal purposes).

Additional Background Information
Grew up in: USA
Consider relocation? No
Wishing to make aliyah to Israel? Maybe
Jewish Education: smicha
Secular Education: Masters
Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew, Yiddish
Political Beliefs: middle of the road
Occupation: science
Hobbies and Interests: classical music art & etc.

Physical Attributes
Height: 180 cm/5′ 11″
Build: average
Do you smoke?: rarely

Religious Practice
Frequency of Torah Study: daily
Frequency of Tefilah: three times daily
Kippa: black hat
Tzitzit: always

What Modern Orthodox Machmir means to me
It means observing the Torah wthout compromise
This is how I describe myself:
I am very bad and mean ! (Bli neder !)

I am acting a bit crazy here now for the fun of it, to toy with your mind (nothing like making a girl crazy ! I do that sometimes to my sisters also. I enjoy torturting them sometimes but haven’t done it in two years now. ) but basically I am a Tzaddik and please keep that a secret.

Don’t get scared off of me because i am not getting married anyways ! It’s too freaking risky and very dangerous.

So enjoy a good chat with me and lets see if you understand a great man like me.

A Question.
After reading many female profiles, i observed that most profiles contain a sentence saying something like “i am looking for someone to have fun with”.
THE Question is; What is the “Loshon Hakodesh” =(Biblical) translation of the word “FUN” ? I am looking for the “Loshon Hakodesh” translation. I know in Modern Hebrew its phrased as, “La”Asoth Chaim” but my question is, IS there at all a word in “Loshon Hakodesh” which means “FUN” ? And if there is NO such translation, why is that FUN word non-existent in “Loshon Hakosdesh” ? Note, the word “simcha” is happiness, but what is the word for FUN ? The words “Gila, Rina, Ditzah, Chedva, Sosson, are also definately not the definition of the word “Fun”.

The answer is, See the Torah in Sefer Devarim, Perek 24, Posuk 5. Note the word “V’semach” thats why all the females talk about “fun” because
subconsciously they are referring to this “V’semach”. -“Hafoch Boh V’hafoch Boh, D’kuloh Boh”. -Pirkie Avos

In my volunteer work, I met this lady who died past the age of 104 and she was a very peaceful exceptionally kind and relaxed lady. I knew her from a Nursing home where I volunteer.

Have you seen my holy Rebitzen ? If YOU are her (then U r a criminal of course for hiding, and now go to the nearest Police station and have yourself arrested if U can, -(at least make the effort !) then call me for Bail ! but maybe I am gonna leave U in jail for what you did to me by hiding for sooooo long.)
But remember, even when U r in jail i will still LOVE you very much, but I will not spoil you. After you repent = (Teshuvah), I will personally pick you up and rescue you.

OR if you know where the Rebbitzen is hiding, pleezeee tell her to call her Rebbe ! I have not eaten breakfast, lunch, and supper, for the past few months and the Rebbe is kinda hungry, and only my Rebitzen knows the Rebbe’s recipes. See what love can do to people ! Is it worth it ? Only time will tell. Maybe love won’t happen but if it does happen, methinks it could be kind of Gevaldig. (Gevaldig is a Yiddish word meaning: fantastic or fabulous, or better than wonderful.)
Thank you.

You can be the greatest scholar in the World and I am NOT intimidated by your scholarship, in fact I welcome it because I know who I am. So, if you are very bright smart and great I am actually looking for you. The smarter you are, the better it is. But please do not put pressure on yourself to achieve and study past your human limits, because I operate ftrom a non-pressure point of view. Scholarship is achieved via a consistent, continuous gradual process, and an absolute committment to find truth. It cannot be acquired in an instant. Take it from a man who knows. Be patient and kind to yourself as you pursue it.

I am fascinated by marketing methods and the “science” behind it. Therefore I change my screen name from time to time. But You can always be assured that it is me indeed. There is only one of me ever created by G-D. There are no duplicates but some wannabees -but they ain’t the real thing anyways !

<>—<>Note: The Purim version – Fun part of this Profile, appears at the very end of this Profile. Make sure you can Lafffff ! or else don’t read it. <> <> <> <>


Only a Woman or a Lady.

Before you can even start reading this profile, please realize (if you can) that this profile was written only for a woman or a lady and is NOT for girls. Once you know this, it will save you girls, lots of time, help you to avoid confusion, and making you crazy for no good reason. Unless of course you are already crazy and wish to get even crazier. But why do that if you are already crazy ? Why add to the craziness ? Know what I mean ? Its like what I really mean. ok ? Whatever, Its like the girl thing ! Basically, for Girls, its Bli Rishuss and Bli Neder, Kain Eyin Hora. -Just the standard Frum-girl talk, and fake frummy talk. Its like the Bli Neder thing !

You will know if you are a girl, woman or lady as you read this profile.
If you get “confused” or mixed up, you are a girl and its not matching. IF you know when to smile and where to laugh, you are a candidate to be classified a woman or a lady.

It is a basic fundamental rule, that no female may “self declare herself” either a woman or a lady. Only a gentleman or a man can declare you to be a woman or a lady. Wearing fancy designer-fashion clothes cannot help you in this matter. So don’t waste your hard earned money on fashion to attain status ! A person can buy “honor” but you cannot buy “class” anywhere ! The role of advertising is to talk a person into the lie that they can attain “class” if they purchase a certain thing. But the truth is, if a person is not a mentsh, he / she will remain the same ignoramus even after buying anything anytime anyplace anywhere, with any Label or Designer’s name. Authentic Class actually emanates from a hidden place of a person’s soul. It’s either you are or you ain’t, depending on the refinement of the person’s soul. Its that simple and there really is no need to complicate this matter !


There are three types of females. (Sounds interesting ?)
They are: Girl, Woman, Lady. Here is the deal.

The girl lies as soon as she gets scared and she runs (fast) when she starts to feel that she can’t handle the truth ! An authentic ‘afraidy cat’ who is afraid of almost everything and for no logical sane reason. Its the ‘girl syndrome’ !

The Woman is mature and is usually able to hear and handle the truth, she is not in denial of basic truths, and can and will admit and laugh at her feminine frailties and weakness. She is basically honest and smart, understands her man or at least tries to ! She is also strong when she knows she should be. Its called: maturity and that’s part of what a real woman is. You can only become a woman if you did the work involved in order to become a real woman. It cannot be bought at the cosmetics counter.

A Lady is on a further advanced high level, where the woman has developed herself to the point where she possesses a high level of grace, poise, tranquility, modesty, serenity, calmness, understanding, honor and dignity. Again, it has to be earned and cannot be bought at the cosmetics counter.

Being a woman or a lady has nothing to do with age. A female can be a woman or a lady at age 18 and a “girl” at 60. The girl eventually morphs into the yenta who will definitely cause you pain and aggrevation, ruin good things for you either with gossip, or with contrived lies and or with plain jealousy. The Girl is also a Master of Manipulation. -And in all probability, you do know some girls with these characteristics, who caused you much pain, suffering, and anguish. So I assume that you understand the “girl” syndrome.

In fact if you are over age 25, its highly likely that some yenta(s) caused at least one or more guys, to not even start to date you, because the disgusting yenta)s) killed that shidduch before it had a chance to begin. -And I reckon you know exactly what I mean. Perhaps she was jealous that her own daughter(s) or grandaughter(s) etc, did not meet such a good guy and therefore did NOT “fargin” (Yiddish word meaning: did not want you to have that particular GOODNESS or BENEFIT.) that goodness to you. So the Machshefa (Hebrew word meaning: witch) killed your shidduch too. -And then she shouts “I have class and style”, and buys an Oscar de La Renta scarf or Channel No 11 perfume. And I say, hang her high at high noon in the Town Square.!

–And if you are a girl, WHY R u still reading this profile ? Your mommy does NOT want U 2 get confused, so please STOP reading it now.


Likewise, a relationship can be based on any of the following varieties.

1). Boy to Girl
2). Male to Female
3). Guy to Gal
4). Man to Woman
5). Gentleman to Lady
6). Soul to Soul -This is The Highest Madrega -(Level).

For example, if you are a woman and you date a boy, you are in the wrong place.

If you are a girl and you date a boy, you got yourself a good sacrificial lamb who you will manipulate and play him like a fiddle, until either he marries you, or you dump him when you find a more “sensitive boy” who will cater to all your pathetic neurotic needs and wants and then you will manipulate him even more.

If you are a female and date a gentleman you are in the wrong place.

If you are a refined woman and date a guy, he will fail to recognize that he has a woman. Hence, the moron will not fulfill you, simply because he cannot because he knows not. But you as a woman will think it’s your fault, when in truth you are just too good for him. How sad.

If you are a girl and you date a gentleman you will utterly destroy him by taking advantage of him. If you are a girl and you date a real man, he will effectively dump you thoroughly when he wakes up and smells the Coffee, –this can happen even after he married you.

If you are woman or a lady you will never get dumped because you are so rare and precious and any male with a modicum of sense would not want to lose you, because you are a precious treasure. However, if you marry the wrong person you will live a life of quiet desperation.

Henry David Thoreau wrote “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” -Applies to females too, even though females seem to bear it far better than men. But why die with your music still deep inside you ? Sing your song, blossom and sprout, grow and evolve, live and shine.

Another quote from Henry David Thoreau “If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Therefore, when you do “Couple watching” You will observe various levels of relationships. It depends on what level the Couple is.

A Basic Rule for Finding Happiness.
When you find the right ONE (Spouse) don’t look for a ‘better’ one or a ‘different’ one, Cuz you will lose the REAL ONE for a fake one.


A Profound Thought.

Ponder this saying: “If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, you know its yours, and if it doesn’t it never was.”
-Not my own saying but it is a profound truth that may help you from becoming a neurotic or going insane about loving another person and your love is not returned OR you dated someone and you are absolutely GAGA and Totally NUTZ wondering IF and WHEN he will call you back ! STOP worrying, cuz IF he don’t call you back, Heaven is doing you a favor. -So appreciate it !

Another thought on the topic of love. LOVE ALWAYS FEELS GOOD and if you are in a relationship where it does not feel good to you, you are in the WONRG place.

See also Rashi in Talmud Megillah, Page 3, Side A, (count 26 lines from the top of the page mentioned, and there is your Rashi.) where Rashi explains the Gemorah (Talmud) that IF a person feels uncomfortable in a certain place, it is his or her Guardian Angel, who is telling the person in effect, that he/she is in a bad place and really gotta get outta there f a s t !
The Gemorah proves this from a posuk in Sefer Daniel (Chapter 10) from Tenach.

When Hashem created you he gave you a soul which is a tiny spark of His divine essence. Due to your soul’s holiness, he gave your soul a Guardian angel as well, to watch and preserve your soul – neshamma. THEREFORE, when you meet a male, your Guardian angel starts telling you what it feels on a higher level. The BIG question is, IF you are “tuned” into that broadcast frequency to receive and honor the advice sent out by your personal Guardian angel. Good woman, listen here, I am talking basic “P’Shat” = (accurate authentic interpretation) of the Talmud quoted above in Tractate Megillah, page 3, side A. I am not saying anything which is esoteric. So seek your soul’s counsel and ALWAYS heed it. If you feel you need additional “verifcation”, pray to Hashem and see what happens. I offer you the above as a token of appreciation for any money you ever gave to any Yeshiva where Torah is studied, and see now for yourself, how truthful, good and sweet the Torah really is.

There are people and times when the soul will NOT receive the direct broadcast and this happens IF the soul got contaminated by certain serious
sins, which will cause a blockage. So when a person’s soul is in a clean state of purity, (or at least “sinless” without stain) it is able to receive the proper messages. I am NOT lecturing anyone on anything. I am NOT qualified to lecture because I gotta clean up my own crapp before I can lecture. Just stating some facts which may perhaps be of interest and benefit.


The NON-Judgemental LIE.

Please ! Don’t tell me you are a “non-judgemental” person because its a true lie and here is why. WHY are you not married yet by now ??? It is PRECISELY because you judged the guys you dated as “unworthy” of you or that you “judged” them to be inferior and hence not matching to you. Or YOU JUDGED them to have FAILED to meet your “requirements.” Please do NOT insult my intelligence by telling me you are NON judgemental or that you you are looking for a man who is non judgemental.

I am really such a nice wonderful loving kind compassionate understanding intelligent decent ethical moral well-mannered gentleman, that you should NOT insult my intelligence by saying that you are a “Non Judgemental” person, or that you seek one.

I ask for normal ethics and please don’t show or exhibit philosophical pompousness or cliched intellectual (liberal ?) arrogance by claiming you are “NON judgemental” because its a true lie.


Where is my Lady ?

Have you seen her ?
She just ran by me
Perhaps too fast
Couldn’t spot her
She ran so fast !

I thought I saw her
But when I looked for her
She was no more !

Sometimes you are so fast
That I cannot catch that fleeting moment
She comes and goes but is not seen
Why the stealth
Why the coy and sly
Some say she is shy, others say she is sly and that’s why
Why the speed
Why the hide and the conceal ?
What’s the deal ? Are you a steal or an elusive seal ?
We can seal the deal if you are real !

At the very least, let you be seen
Even for that one fleeting moment
Elusive to all but not to me
So that I can see you and then capture you

Slow down and smile
So that I see you to know you
To chat, speak or talk, to coverse
and afterwards we can take a walk and talk
and then use some chalk to record our walk

But if you want to hide
because of your false pride
how will you ever become my bride and my pride ?

It was a man married for a hundred years and more
Who always called his wife, My bride and pride
His fellows could not grasp nor understand
Whence does this man appreciate her so much so,
But he secretly always says: I knew it from Day 1 when I saw her first.
How and why this man so old, would call his wife, My bride and pride
Only he knoweth cuz she was always His bride and hence His pride.

Now listen young man hear me now
Which one do you seek ?
A chilled one or a nice one
A grilled or a fried one
A rich or poor one
A smart or dumb one
A good or bad one
One with looks and knows how to cook
Or a good one with a heart of a gold one
A pretty one or a fine one
A better one or a fancy one
Tell me young man that you can choose wisely
Or seek you counsel from he who knows one
Or marry not till you really find one
Your bride who will always be your real pride
And he always remains only with his pride, because Yes this is My bride !

Author: Yes maam, I wrote this.


In certain respects, I am actually more than twice as good as I allude to here and in other matters more like ten times better than I say here. But because of anavah I remain silent at this time. How do you define anavah ? Its definately not, in denying who you are but rather knowing who you are and handling it. See Rashi in Sefer Bamidbar, Perek 12, Posuk 3.

If you understand this two-word Rashi, there is harmony and no conflict between anavah and knowing who you really are.

See, If you become my Rebitzen we can talk in learning too ! Even when we talk in Torah I will give you complements. My kindness comes from strength and not from weakness.

Or we can discuss the deeper meaning of life and what the philosophical implications are as they manifest in life and then discuss how they relate to the profound concepts of life which in essence gives meaning to life itself.
Or if you wish, sometimes we can discuss your recipe for roasting a good
chicken / duck. Whatever makes both of us feel good !

Now, why didn’t I tell you here what Rashi says ? Because its a Two Word Rashi and if you look it up, you will become enlightened and isn’t that what you really want to be ? Or are you just looking to get married to a good man ?

I welcome a woman or lady who achieved academically. I can hold my own in almost any conversation on any topic. I do not feel threatened by an educated woman / lady, even if you are a Dean, Doctor, Scientist, Professor or etc. But I do ask you not to brag about me to your friends and colleagues. I still want to remain humble. I like low profile.

You can be a graduate of Bais Yackov, Ramaz -If you are a Tzaddeket, Stern College, Brandies, Harvard, Yale, Touro, MIT, Oxford, Dartmouth, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, or anywhere else.

Last but not least, I do not want to get married, except with my soul mate.

I really really really mean that. I do NOT want to get married just regular.
I could have gotten married 13 times by now IF i just wanted to get married for married sakes. But I really really really do NOT want to get married. The only exception is, that I want to marry my soul mate.
Do you know about the silent misery in which so many people suffer ?

“Too many Jewish women think about what is in a man’s pocket, rather than think about what is in his heart.” -Rebitzen Esther Jungreis.

“Too many people spend too much time planning the wedding, and not on the marriage”. -Rabbi Norman Lamm, Ph.D (Former President of Y.U.) He wrote a wonderful little booklet on Family Purity titled: A Hedge of Roses. In it he writes about the psychological dynamics of separation and reunification on a constant revolving monthly cycle. I highly recomended this beautiful book.

“He who writes long profile may find true love. She who writes short profile does not even get one good date.” -My own thought.

Irony or Oxymoron ?
The Male chases the Female until She catches him ! -Quoted by, Rush Limbaugh

An interesting feature about Internet dating is that it always clicks. LOL
-Was written in a Frumster profile.


While I need a certain level of chemistry, I would rather marry a 5 with a holy neshamma than a 10 who has no soul. I don’t need a mere dumb body. Its useless 2 me.

Remember, a husband and wife are also together in Olam Habah, See Talmud Tractate Tanniss, Page 25, Side A. See the story about Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa and his wife.

Another proof that a wife shares Olam Habah with her husband is discussed in the commentary of the “Ohr Hachaim” (The great profound illustrious Gaon and Mekubal Rav Chaim ben Atar) on the posuk in Berashiss perek 29, posuk 34, on the words “Hapaam Yelova Ishi”, when Leah gave birth to Levi. This is in Parshass V’Yeahtza.

So what the dickens does a man do in Olam Habah with his formerly ‘good-looking’ soulless dummy 10 female ?
Her 10 body decayed in the grave and her soul is soulless ! So what does this guy really have ? A rotted 10 decayed dumb soul-less body in a grave and nothing more.

One day when you as a female, will get old, you will NOT have ANY fancy cool / kewel looks whatsoever at all. But what you will yes retain, will be your chein which and if you earned it, by being a good dedicated loyal loving forgiving devoted compassionate honest ethical moral kind and empathetic non-manipulative wife. Your face will shine with that inner sacred beauty that no make-up can ever create. You will age so gracefully that you will retain so much chein, poise, grace, dignity, serenity, tranquility, that your husband, sons and daughters, sons in-law, daughters in-law, grandchildren will love you more with each passing day and you will have reached a fulfillment unknown to the common female.

No Elizabeth Arden, Eva Picone, Oscar de LaRenta, Avon, Revlon, Anne Klein or all the other cosmetics and fashion in this beautiful profound world, can make you an authentic everlasting beauty. However, an authentic beautiful personality can and will.

For approximately eight dollars you can buy and then live the Sefer Mesiallas Yesharim. You can avoid the Gossip, the Nonsense, the Envy, the Snobiness, the Haughtiness, and useless Babble talk and become the princess Hashem wants you to become, BEFORE you go to meet HIM at 120. After 120 the show is OVER and you cannot fix ANYTHING.

Therefore, the eye shadow, lipstick and gloss, creams and face powder, foundation, eye liner, high heels, perfumes, hairdo and nail polish cannot and will not make your internals beautiful. ONLY the avodah of truly developing your inner beauty, like aidelkiet (aka adinat hanefesh) will bring out your authentic inner beauty.
-And you know what ? You will be The eternal beautiful wife /woman ! There is NO other road to everlasting beauty !

Yet, you still have a sacred obligation to make yourself as beautiful and as attractive as possible for your husband. A woman who makes herself physically beautiful for her husband is performing a very sacred Mitzvah.
-See Rashi in Sefer Shmoss, Perek 38, Posuk 8. -(Parshas V’Yakhel)

Do you REALLY want to grow in Judaism ? Are you dressing modestly now or are you waiting till Messiah arrives ? If you think that two missing inches on a short hemline, or a tight fitting blouse will make you more attractive, you need medicine. And if you do attract a guy cuz of that, he is a loser and it won’t last because he is only after meat. Your beauty resides within your personal good essence, not in clothing.

Can U really believe that one missing inch on your hemline will make you sexy ? Will a tight fitting blouse malke U attractive ? The answer is, it will cuz some cool dude guys to look at you for 10 seconds. BUT the real good suitable men will NOT see the SCHENNIA on your face because the SCHENNIA can only be on your face when you are dressed Tznua. When you dress Tznua the SCHENNIA shines on your pretty face, elevates your body, glorifies your essence, gives your entire essence a holiness and defines you in a profounf holiness, praises your soul, walks with you in grace and harmony and it gives you all the Chein you deserve. The short hemline, the invalid slit skirt or the tight blouse defames and insults your potential goodness holiness and beauty. Do you trade a cheap 10 seconds of shiksa sexy attractiveness for the Holy SCHENNIA ? You deserve better. So do it, live it, know it, appreciate it, cherish it, dress like it. -And remember too, that your fine Grandmothers never dressed in slit skirts, tight blouses and short hemlines and they DID all get married. Stay attuned to your holy beautiful roots.

Always know you are a Billion times more than Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton. Actually, a Billion is not enough because a Billion multiplied by ZERO remains ZERO ! Brittnney Spears and Paris Hilton are NOT on the medrega = (spiritual level) to shine your shoes, because they have no essence, no tznua self respecting dignity, no yirat shmayim, no Torah, no aidelkiet = (Hebrew: Adinat Hanefesh) and you got so much of it. YOU are THE CHAMPION and they are the morally ethically bankrupt beggars. If you would only know it and see that image of yourself when the mirror looks back at you and believe it you would rejoice so soo sooo much.

In March 2008, the United States Center for Disease Control, said that one out of every four teenage aged girls in America, (Ages 14 – 18) is infected with the HPV =( Human papilloma virus) The HPV virus is a precursor to a certain female cancer. So for all the mockers and morons who mocked and laugh at Torah Halacha, you should know that every girl who is shomer negiah, is totally free ftom all this disease. So you see for yourself how the Torah can protect you. Your “desire” to wear tight fitting blouses and short hemlines is a journey in insane pursuit to get some jerk lowlife guys to look at you and then parhaps get you into a very bad place of trouble and in the final analysis he will freaking dump you for yet another stupid girl. Believe me, I know what jerks are made of cuz I am a man and I hear them talking.

-While we all have a physical body, the bigger question is:

1. Are you a Physical being having a Spiritual experience in this world ?
2. Are you a Spiritual being having a Physical experience in this world ?

—> Ponder on this major question and you will realize you are really a spiritual being having a physical experience in this world. The essence of your being and identity is your Soul =(Neshammala).Your Soul “temporarily” resides in your Physical body, but your authentic intrinsic essence is contained inside your Soul and thats why you have that great potential to be so holy, great and so profound.

So help your body be involved with your spirituality and dress as you were destined to be: Holy, Pure, Beautiful middot, Torah admiring and Torah abiding.

-Your beauty resides within your personal good essence, not in clothing which reveals your holy body part whch tbeTorah says “cover it because you are Sarah’s & Rebecca’s & Rochel and Leah’s daughter.” You definately are NOT Mary Poppins’ daughter nor Madonna’s sister, and you ain’t no cheap five cent shiksa showing her “flesh beauty” to attract the dumb boys for a cheap look. Get Real Now Mammelle. -And I said your body is Holy because every baby you will ever give birth to, is a JEW because YOU are a Jew. Appreciate Your Holiness, its a Gift from Hashem. Celebrate it and dress with Modesty, your body DESERVES it and actualy NEEDS it too. If you follow laws of Tznua it will automatically make you: greater, exalted, profound, deeper, refined, peaceful, kinder, and also more beautiful.

Making yourself attractive and beautiful for the street or any other man is highly immoral.

An Interesting concept but very true. To summarize and repeat: making yourself attractive, and beautiful for your husband is a MITZVAH. Making yourself attractive for any other man is immoral and unethical and can (will) also lead to big trouble.
So the wise woman chooses wisely.


And on this note, the GRA (Rabbenu HaGaon Eliyahu of Vilna, aka The Vilna Gaon) asks, why does the Torah mention several times that several Biblical women were very beautiful, and the question is, why would the Torah even mention it because Chein is supposedly sheker and Yofi is supposedly H’avel, as it says in Mishli, Perek 31, Posuk 30, “Sheker Hachein V’havel H’yofi.” So why does the Torah even mention the beauty of some women. As an example see:

Berashiss 29, 17. By mother Sara.
Berashiss 12, 11. By mother Rebecca.
Berasheiss 24, 16. By mother Rachel.
Sefer Tenach: Shmuel Alef, Perek 25, Posuk 3. By Avigail.
Sefer Tenach: Shmuel Bais, Perek 11, Posuk 2. By BatSheva.

-All the above 5 mentioned women, are also identified in the Torah as good looking women. Again, the GRA = (Rabbenu Eliyahu of Vilna) asks, why does the Torah mention their beauty when its written in Mishli, “Shekker Ha’chein V’havel H’Yofi, Isha Yiras Hashem h’ee Tishallol ” ?

The answer is explained in a Sefer titled: Kol Eliyahiu (a sefer quoting the Gaon of Vilna) on Parshass Vayetza, Oess 30. That When and If the woman has Yiras Hashem then ‘Hee Tishallol’ the chein is not sheker and the Yofi is not hevel, and her beauty is of high value. How profound a thought ! So you see that when you have “yiras Hashem”, it actually adds glory to your beauty and it elavates you, so that your husband will love you even more.


Female Smartness and Denial.

I have a question: Why do so many SMART educated sophisticated females deny or hide their illustrious genius and great intelligence ? Are men that intimidating. Its real sad to have to deny your greatness -“gadluss” because you are afraid that some dude will reject you for your enlightened eloquence. But I am on the “other side” of the fence and I tell you the truth: such a guy is not worth one rotten fig. If you marry him, he will belittle you and suppress your spirituality, elegence, uniqueness, and your overall “elan vital” (aka Qi, Chi, Ki) all the days of your life. Therefore, if you have greatness within you, stop living in denial and let your glory shine. I am the man who will encourage my wife to shine sparkle grow and advance in all her own space and geatness.

Are you afraid that IF you let the male see your genius and high intelligence that he will reject you ? I would never ever do that. Intelligence is what I value, Genius is what I appreciate ! Profundity is what I admire, Knowledge is what I respect, Aidelkiet is what I cherish, and a Good woman / lady is a person who I would love. Hey, I said that word !


I am wont to speculate that perhaps the reason so many females (vast majority) are RELUCTANT to sing their song or do their dance in their profile is “if I say too much, he will see what i really am and he wont even contact me. So I am going to stay PAREVE and say little or some petty cliched nonsense or just talk in circles of vapid nothingness.”

There is so much “non-revelation” which to me is actually a passive act of cowardice and I am honest enough to say that even my own family (sisters) are affected by this cowardice.
How sad mammeleh that you are afraid of the shadow you never met and the boy you never saw because “HE” might not like you. Gevald ! Gevald ! After all said and done, why such cowardice ? So “HE” wont date you ! Big deal, there are another ten thousand guys out there. Do you think I care if you wont like me ? I don’t give one hoot or a third toot if you don’t like me. In fact, I THANK YOU for not liking me. This way you get to reject me without the date and it saves me time and effort, and I actually appreciate it. Really !
How insecure are the females ? Amazingly so ! How sad and i know it includes my sisters. (I cant teach them courage ! Gevald, it ain’t within their capacity.) And ALL you chickens without courage are ENABLERS of all the bad guys. You help them with your cowardice and you are a partner to the crime of misery in this beautiful World.


I am not an official member of Beth Medrash Govah, even though I am a great admirer of this holy profound worthwhile Yeshiva / Kollel and have several family members and friends who learn there full time.

In the Yeshivas where I studied, (outside of Lakewood) it was not important what ‘hat’ you wore or what color your shirt was, and it remains unimportant. What is important is: Do you know Torah ? Are you a gentleman ? Are you a ‘bad boy’ when you have to be one ? -Meaning: Do you stand up for the truth or are you trying to curry favor and be a lackey ?


Questions Concerning Basherte.

I have some questions and would appreciate your input, comments, ideas, viewpoints, concepts, and answers.

1). Does a person KNOW when they see their basherte that indeed that is THEIR BASHERTE ?

2). Does “Love at First Sight” mean that it is YOUR Basherte ?

3). Do you believe in “Love at First Sight” ? If yes, why ? If no, why ? (Some say its lust at first sight and not love and therefore it is unreliable.)

4). What happens IF you don’t marry your Basherte, can a person still fall in love with a different person and BE HAPPY ?

5). Is a person punished in their afterlife for not marrying their Basherte ?

6). Do you have a SIGN, to know if and when you met your Basherte ?

7). Assuming you did not marry your Basherte, do you get a second chance, with a different Basherte ?

8). What happens to your basherte if you turned him down ? Does he get any happiness in this life ? or have you in effect messed up his life ?

9). What happens if you turned down your basherte, is your happiness in life messed up or do you get to marry your non-basherte and will you be happy with your non-basherte ? –and what happens to your original basherte male ? Does Heaven send him a better woman than you ?


I am looking for a kind, considerate, understanding, loving, tznua, bal middoss tovoss woman from a good family. Being that I am a cohen I need a woman who is suitable to marry a cohen. You can be sophisticated and intelligent and very smart because I can handle it and I do not feel threatened by a highly intelligent woman. In fact, it inspires me ! So even if you got an MD or Ph.D, it does not faze me at all. We can discuss pharmacogenetics, SV40 Virus – Simian Monkey Vaccine Contamination as a cause of certain cancers, conventional cancer treatment versus complementary, such as the work of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D and the late Lawrence Burton, Ph.D

Anything and everything is open for discussion including philosophy, psychology, art, music, literature, nature, beauty, and any wisdom which you wish to address or to contemplate upon, theorize, postulate, conjecture, or even to put forth any stipulation on anything you wish. See, you can really be smart, sophisticated, illustrious, wise, profound, deep, intelligent, and have that spectacular mark of genius or a deep human and humane understanding of this world, of Torah and Mitzvoth and/or closeness to Hashem.


I am a kind, considerate, understanding, loving, giving, good hearted, intelligent man looking for an aishes chayil to build a Bait Neman B’yisroel. Having been a faculty member of a college, I also know the outside world. It is fair to say that I know both worlds quite well.

However, I refuse to be defined by my secular knowledge, because that is not my essence at all. “If you define me, you negate me” –Kierkegaard.
So, If you are interested in meeting me because you think I am a secular chic kewel sophisticate, (while I can hold my own) its not the real me.

I do not go mixed swimming and was always Shomer negiah and I am a virgin and therefore am looking for the same. Also, I am looking for pure love. -Has that been outlawed yet ? LOL ? Or has real love become a relic of the past, to be found in Museums ?

I am really a ben Torah and I have no other real way which would or could define me. I am FFB.

I am a man who thinks for himself. I don’t go with the ‘crowd’.

Politically, I am right wing and yes, I understand the liberals. I am broad minded enough to understand them, and have empathy for all opposing viewpoints, even though I disagree. I do say that Jewish feminism is a pathology which has made some inroads into the frum community and has destroyed many marriages. For the general negative effect see book title: Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women, By Christina Hoff-Sommers (ISBN 0684801566, 320 pages.) -Available at Amazon. The same author wrote another book titled: The War Against Boys. -May explain why you met and keep on meeting so many guys who are wimps / wussies.

I maintain that a substantial amount of “married misery” in the Gentile and the Jewish world as well, comes because women’s lib has “preached to the girls” a theology of lies, false principles, and fraud. If a woman has NO “bittul” on some level to her husbamd, his manliness simply dies and he is destroyed as his male essence is denied defied and eventually dies. He becomes a wussie and his wife becomes a neurotic in her own merit of her misdeeds. If what i just wrote offends you, i am glad, becase now you know what cloth i am made up of and how far apart we are ideologically.
I do suggest thatyou get yourself to some wise Rebitzen who has a happy marriage and ask her if what i just wrote is true or false. See what she answers you. (A wise old Gentile woman will also tell you the same, usually if she is a Bible believing person, she will know exactly what I meant.) For Betty Friedan, one of the main founders of 1960’s women’s lib, see book title: Intellectual Morons. This book will show you the other side of the coin, a la the liberal self-hating Jew Noam Chomsky, et al. A very enriching book to read.

Betty Friedan, was among the founders of the nags and gals to start women’s lib, along with Gloria Steinem, another fine ‘jewish girl”. Gloria Stienem is quoted as saying: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” (She, Gloria Steinem, founder of MS. Magazine, has a man of course, but she preaches to the Choir !) A good laugh but truly insane and maddening. The problem with that nonsense is, unfortunately there are enough dumb innocent girls who believed her. Then when these girls turn 30, 35,40, they realize what a crock it is, but then it is sometimes too late. Their inner maternal instinct is forever crushed and lost to a philosophy of essential denial of the basic G-D given instiinct in the normal female, to want to have babies. The utter tragedy is, that once a certain age is reached, the opportunity is lost forever. Do you see the destruction and the tragedy ? For example, if you read the personal ads in the New York Magazine you will get a glimpse of the devestation. The essence of women’s lib is wrapped in the clothing of equality but its underlying principle is that of the Liberalism of “Hefkerros”, such as: aborttion, free multiple and casual physical relations, single mothers in the millions, lesbian rights and etc. For more on insane Liberalism, read the book: Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder, written by Michael Savagae. -Available at

I heard Betty Frieden say, that after her book was published (Title: The Feminine Mystique) and realizing how far it influenced people, she had an anxiety attack. Personally, I blame millions upon millions of divorces on the founding Nags and Gals of Women’s Lib. The Supreme Court ruling in 1973 in Roe vs Wade, permitting abortion was the “baby” of women’s lib, and over forty million babies in the United states alone (40,000,000 how does that number grab you ?) Imagine IF only ONE of those 40 million babies would have discovered a cure for cancer which kills 10,000 people each week in the USA ?

Another important notable, worthwhile observation on Liberalism is, that what Liberals cannot achieve and win in the free democratic vote, they “win” it in the United States Court System via filing Motions and Suing in Court. They did this for abortion in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 (Supreme Court ruling in favor of abortion “rights” was handed down on January 22, 1973.), and they also did it previously in 1954 for School Desegregation in public schools in Brown vs. Board of Education in. -Throughout the years, ten upon tens of millions of kids throughout America were forced into getting Bused to schools outside their neighborhoods. They have also used this same tactic to legalize gay marriage, despite the objection of the average normal moral ethical citizen in the USA.

Please…. Do Me A Favor….
I read at least four thousand profiles, both male and female, and here are some observations.

NOT one person wrote that they have an issue with any of the following bad traits. Anger, meanness, selfish, inconsiderate, cheating, dishonest, ill mannered, unkempt, big mouthed, crude, crass, gross, stingy, money loving, gold digger, snob, arrogant, ignorant, bad breath, bad housekeeper, loud talker, spendthrift, no table manners, liar, steals, lying about her age, has bad relationship with daddy or her mom, expelled from high school, failed school finals, loaded in credit card debt, hasn’t paid her phone bill in months, fights with her sister or brother, hates her mom, steals from her boss, cannot cook, would not wash dishes, never scrubbed a pot, can’t wax a floor, unreliable, talks loshon hora, speaks in shule while davening, jealous on her married friends, jealous on other women who are better looking or have more money.

Enough said ? NOT one person mentioned even ONE bad trait which they definitely have.
Do you see the lack of forthrightness ? Do you see the living lie and the master fraud ?
Everyone is so freakkin perfect ? Is U freakkin kidding me or yourself ! LOL !! So it’s a mishigass as we try to pose as The Perfect Person and then we get married and the music ends and the hogwash starts ! So why all this magnificent dishonesty ? Know why ? cuz we are living the lie baby and we are having a trip to Fantasy Island on a discount ticket sold on this Internet Dating thing. (the cruise is a bit more expensive ! LOL !) Yes, tell me I am crazy and I know you are living with Alice in Wonderland ! Tell me I know the truth and I will know you are honest. Have a good laugh and do keep on smiling, and you will really finally know why so many people are not happily married. Love has been hijacked by the pusillanimous pipsqueaks, and corrupted by the sweet talkers sneaking in under the fence ! Thank you.

Therefore, IF we start dating, both you and me will have to get to the honest stuff as we date. In short, we cannot be people of the lie. Really.


My Personal Pain Journey.

To shed light on what caused me to examine the issue of the difference between girl / woman./ lady, is the fact that by age 22, I had three different people who were very close to me, to marry what I call real garbage. Want the details ? Guy number One, was and is the sweetest human being you would want to meet. He married a total schlock and babble mouth. A manipulator and dumb girl to boot. Yes he is married to her. Her father lied to this fellow and his parents.

Fellow number Two, married Ms. Girly Manipulator par Excellence, (she is also a frummy to boot, like the Bli neder types). Guy Three married a girl who would not fulfill her marital obligations because she thought and still thinks that marital relations are immoral (a real non-Jewish attitude and she holds herself to be of hassidic persuasion, even though she was an out-of-towner. Her husband has been bumming around with shiksas and its so pathetic.) None of these guys are from Lakewood. They are guys from the Tri-State area.. And NO, not one of them sought my counsel prior to getting engaged. -And yes they are still married.

And in the process, I got educated in this pathetic field.

I came to the conclusion that there are three types of females.

I define a girl in the worst terms.
I define a woman in very good terms.
I define a lady in even better terms.

It caused me pain and suffering to see how people can get fooled into a marriage that was achieved by them getting lied to, fooled, unscrupulously manipulated, and “Ripped off” Being an innocent kid, I asked myself how did it happen ? Why did it happen ? Who made this lie-dishonest-fooled marriage happen ? Please, keep G-D out of all human sins ! Human sins are not basherte. Don’t be stupid and blame G-D for human failings and sins. So we are back to the question who caused it and how did it happen ?

Why did the shadchanim not care to provide the truth ? WHY did these girls hide the truth about who they really were ? Did her dad and/or mom encourage her to lie ? -Probably yes. To hold back the truth ? (Answer is: even more so because some people say I am not lying, I am just remaining silent.)

It was the LIE, the Sheker of the deal that made me question this entire scenario. I became an Unbeliever in the honesty-process of dating. One basic truth or shall I say realization is, that the vast majority of people will yes lie if they want a certain specific shidduch. In fact, others will encourage them to lie as well. And that is also why you will see so many unhappy marriages in this beautiful-intended world.

This marriage issue was further “enhanced” when I realized that in just about every marriage, it is usually one person who does get the better deal. I am so sorry to reveal this truth to you but I do say it because its true.

As for myself, I would not be able to accept being fooled. (I am on automatic pilot here when it comes to being fooled, because I would, walk away from a marriage where I was fooled into it. And I would avenge with vigor being lied to.) I would rather be the one who does the fooling. But because I am an honest person, I will tell my potential spouse that I am fooling her. I will definitely do this on the second date. I do believe in honesty. Ain’t that an oxymoron ? Again, I once believed in total honesty but as I grew up, matured and smelled the coffee, I realized it’s a game of lies in order to “get” a good spouse. What a shame its played like that but that’s how it is. On a closing note, the better a person YOU are, the more people will want you and hence try to fool you.

One of the Prime fooling methods is, sins of omission which in effect become, sins of commission. Do you hear what I am saying ? Can you relate to all this ?
There are several ways to LIE. One is saying the sheker and the other is keeping back the EMESS. And BOTH are sheker.

If you want to test and see for yourself, call your “close honest friend” and tell her that you know a guy who is looking for a female who is two years younger or older than you actually are. Ask you “honest friend” if she thinks it’s a big deal to change your age by two years in order to get the date with that great guy you want to meet. See for yourself what advice you will get. Then you will better understand me. Remember, “A half truth is actually a whole lie, until we rationalize it to be a half truth.” -Ponder it.


The following is quoted from the Frumster Forum and is well expressed, hence I quote it here. It was written by, Angie and Moshe, and I like it And when I read that they had a baby boy, it brought a tear to me cuz it proves “its all possible” So hang in there holy basherte love, we are gonna make it baby !

Start of quote “Also, be honest and straight with whomever you may meet, don’t worry about being the biggest scholar, the best looking or most established macher on the planet.

The right person will like you for what you are. Also, it never hurts to have good references from a Rabbi or teacher that knows you. I know that at one stage, a Rabbi that I was close to at Ohr Somayach was very helpful in the initial stages when Angie was trying to find out about me, she also had a close friend that was known by my rabbis’ at the yeshiva. It also never hurts to ask someone for a reference, in fact, it is a very good idea. Good luck! ” End of quoted statements by, Angie and Moshe.

P/S This guy Moshe who I just quoted seems to be a very cool Tzaddik. Sometimes you can see his picture on the Frumster Homepage (first photo on the left.) as he kisses his bride on her head and I thought it was rather profound. As a Black hat Yeshiva man, I would do the same and more, but being that I am a very private person (I don’t like pomp, fluff and noise) I would do it privately. Nevertheless, he showed his love for his Kallah and for that I applaud him.

Note: In my opinion, authentic love is actually sacred and contains lots of keddusha. I believe that love should be kept very private, precisely because it has so much keddusha and holiness, it is better off when it is preserved in tznius. I once heard Rebbitzen Esther Jungreis explain it this way. Being that some other people do not have loving relationships, so when you have one, don’t hurt others feelings in public by showing that you have what some others do not have. -Interesting concept. I believe this concept is acknowledged and validated in the Talmud, Tractate Tanniss, page 26, side b.

And on this note, I bring to your attention a Poem which I copied from a Frumster member which I think is profound, and because you may be a person who seeks wisdom and inspiration I will quote that Poem now.


“Cause I know he’s out there somewhere
Just beyond my reach
Though I’ve never really touched him
Or ever heard him speak
Though we’ve never been together
We’ve never been apart

No we’ve never met
Haven’t found him yet
But I know him by heart
No we’ve never met
Haven’t found him yet
But I know him by heart””

I copied this Poem from Frumster member: RomanticBeliever (ID 53826)
on 12/22/06. Note: As of January 2008, the above poem no longer appears in that Profile and the person also changed her screen name. The poem however, is quoted correctly.


Concerning My Political Views.

Note: I wrote all of the following BEFORE July 13, 2006, before the hostilities and fighting started in Israel and Lebanon. To understand the issue of a never-existing peace process, see what G-D told Moshe in the Torah in Sefer Bamidbar Perek 33, Posuk 55 and 56. Once you understand these two verses, you will know why there can never be an authentic lasting peace. The liberals are Fanatics -(defined as people who are overly devoted to a cause without rational reasoning or sanity) about “peace”, dedicated to a false non-realistic incoherent invalid ideology.

Liberalism in its authentic definition is a pathology and not a political platform. Some people are so open minded that their brains fell out ! lol !
Did you know that radio host Michael Savage wrote a new book titled: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Check it out at Amazon.

The Liberals gave us Oslo, the murderous peace process, which has given the Jewish people over One Hundred bus bombs (and some Hotel explosions also) and over ONE THOUSAND burned DEAD Jews. -And so many injured Jews and their families and friends who suffer so much. And forget not the widows, the orphans and widowers and all other family members and friends (who number in the thousands !) who cry EVERY day and night. These liberals are the “immoral moralists, ” as the late illustrious Rabbi Meir Kahane HY’D ZT’L called them. Their arrogance and their ignorance is revolting and offensive to everything inherently decent..

“It is easier to take the Jew out of the Exile, than to take the Exile out of the Jew.” -Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D, Z”L.

And for the Liberals, I add the words of the Hatikvah, “Leyot Am Chofshi B’artzenu”… What does that mean ? Build a Fence around Israel so that we have a National Ghetto ? That is what a secular Zionist does, builds a national fence, -Liyot Am Chofshi ! a Ghetto with a fence, and then “proudly” declares and prattles “Liyot Am Chofshi B’Artzenu” but this time its a national Ghetto fence.

And to add injury to insult, the Jewish Secular Liberal “expels” Jews who actually built up Our Sacred Holy Land and gives Gush Katif to ? yes you know, to Psychopath Jew Haters, Inventors of their own brand of a savagery of suicide bombs, who kill, burn, maim, behead Jews and burn them in bus bombs ! Nothing like an insane secular Jewish pathological self-hating liberal Jew. With no Torah education, the Jew then drinks from every fountain of contaminated insanity, decadence, self hate and perversion, except from his own Sinai Given Torah, which G-D gave us in the year of 2, 448. So remember, Torah is THE KEY.

Regardless of this stupidity, I still support Zahal and the State of Israel.
One day, the stupid immoral secularists will be thrown out of power. Have faith. Savlanut !

A recent contribution of the Liberals has been the giving-up of Guish Katif, making thousands of Jews homeless and penniless overnight, but the Liberal Jews say they “mean well” and the innocent jews are left to suffer as the “sacrificial lamb, ” and the Liberal Jews continue to live in high pompous arrogance, pontificating a platform of national suicide and insanity, bred from a conceit unknown to the simple common decent Jew. The hidden miracle is that nothing will ever grow in Gush Katif because the land of Israel does NOT produce for gentiles.-(Ramban)

On Wednesday, June 28, 2006 the Israeli ambaassador said on CNN Radio, that after Israel gave up Gaza to the arabs, 800 (Eight Hundred) Rockets were shot by the Arabs on Israel, so far. Therefore I ask you, is that the Process of the Peace or is it the Peace of the Process or perhaps the Pieces of the Peace of the Process ? Or it can be called the Pieces of the Process of the Peace process. ? Am I confusing you ? (I just want to show you what the intellectual liberal thought process really is. Have a good laugh IF you can follow the liberal silliness.) The liberals behind this so-called Peace process are far more confused than you, because their immoral process confused their peace and now their peace no longer has a process. So all they really have left now, is the broken violated pieces of their process of peace, which in effect really means they have no peace.

The Liberals have also given society abortion, which has killed over forty million babies in the USA alone. But… Liberals being such ‘nice and compassionate ppl’ call this baby murder, ‘pro choice’ ! How profound to call murder ‘pro choice’ ! If you saw the film, The House on Girabaldi Street, -the story how Eichman was captured, there’s a scene there where Eichman tells the Mossad agent, how he actually ‘liked’ Jewish children and how he gave them chocolate. So if you are a liberal, I choose not to deal with you.

I believe that the creation of the state of Israel is Yad and Rotzon Hashem. I also support ZAHAL.

This is what I am looking for in a mate:
A question about Sensitivity ?

Remember High school ? and you were not in the school play and all the pain those other girls caused you ? and then all these girls talk and babble about “sensitivity” -nahh don’t believe it !!
-And remember the “Cliques” and how as a 14 –15 –16 –17 etc., you were Not accepted into the clique and the pain which you had and then you cried and sobbed because of those snobs ?
-And perhaps ? were you one of those gals who was inflicting and causing the pain to other girls ??
–So what is this prattling babble talk about “sensitivity” ? Did you ever consider apologizing for these sins ? Call her now and apologize ! Be a mentsh ! –as you are so wont to prattle about being a mentsh !
So I don’t accept nor believe this prattle nonsense talk about how you are a sensitive person and that you really do not deserve a sensitive guy ! –And ain’t that the real raw hard truth ? However, as for myself, I always defended the bochurim (Yiddish, meaning: Guys) who were down and people thought they were nebs, and never teased or hurt any one of them, cuz actually I am a Tzaddik. And now don’t get bent out of shape cuz I told you that I am a Tzaddik.


Things which are a Crock.

A). Looking for a guy to make you laugh ? – Marry a comic ! How about Jackie Mason ?
B). Looking to grow in Yiddishkiet ? So do it NOW ! Stop talking Loshon Hora NOW TODAY and onwards.

Stop talking in Shule now. Don’t manipulate people. Love your Mom –even though its hard sometimes.

Respect your father TODAY. Give Tzedekkah TODAY.
Give your father a Hug Today, Believe me he needs it, or at least kiss his hands as a show of Respect. same applies for Mom. Call your Grandfather and Grandmother Today and Don’t wait for tomorrow. Whatever your career is, don’t use it an excuse that you are ” busy” and can’t call. If you call them, perhaps G-D will motivate your basherte to call you. Know what I mean ? (youv’e been waiting for that call for ages now…) The Mishna in Talmud Sotah, Page 10, side b, says “With the measure a person uses to measure others, with that same precise measure is the person themselves measured” and now to say it in Hebrew: ” B’midah Sh’Adam Modded Boh, Moddin Lo”
(After we are married, we can discuss this at our Shabboss table. LOL !)
And perhaps (maybe) I will tell you how I finally found you baby !

You want to “grow” in Judaism ? really ? So I advise you to go to your Rov (Rabbi) and you ask him, if its ethical and moral within the framework of Judaism to spend Forty Thousand Dollars on an Eight hour wedding. IF you are Really sincere in what you claim to be. Is it Halachikally justified and permitted to spend that kind of hard earned Jewish money or shall you save it for the children to teach them Torah ?

Or let your father use that money which he sweated for, to go learn Torah for a few months in Jerusalem. For Forty Thousand Dollars, your father and mother can check into a fine hotel in Jerusalem, for three months and study Torah in great splendor ! How selfish are the kids ? (Very !)

Or perhaps to help two orphan girls get married too ? Really, lets be consistent and stop babbling and prattling things which are not meant. Will you rise to the Occasion ? Can you ? Have you ? and Will you ?

The average family struggles to make a Forty thousand dollar wedding, (and even a Twenty thousand dollar wedding) so is it permissible for YOU to put your daddy (and mommy) through this pathetic stress ? What if this stress causes him to get sick ? –And then you write in your profile that you are looking for a guy who is “sensitive” You are making me laugh (and cry) What a crock ! What a lie ! And you have the unmitigated audacity to write you are “sensitive” and you make your daddy (and mommy too, perhaps) sick with stress ? Therefore, I do NOT believe the average female when she talks or writes about being “sensitive”. Yes, it’s a Crock ! When I see the word “sensitive” its like I hear the girl say, I am weak and so I need a dude who is a sissy and will cater to all my needs and desires. The authentic sensitive people are truly beautiful people, I am referring here only to the false “sensitive” abusers.

If you are “sensitive” and you have a profile posted here, I assume you know how to cook. So you ought cook for dad and mom at least once a week or are you selfish and “busy” with yourself and your “career” and have “no time” for the two people who brought you into this beautiful world ? And then you get married and your husband is insensitive to your “needs” and you cry and I say its your own Karma coming back to give you what you gave out to others. This is profound ! Think about it.

Actually, in effect I am insensitive about non authentic insensitivity, and am rather sensitive about authentic sensitivity. I am referring to some very sensitive beautiful human beings who I have had occasion to meet throughout the years. I find females who were not brought up “frum” to excel in authentic non-manipulative sensitivity and that’s very beautiful. (Perhaps ? Probably ? because they have less hang-ups and were brought up with more authentic love ?)


A Disease called STYM.

If you suffer from this disease please let me know immediately !
STYM is a disease which has afflicted many females.
It is an acronym: STYM = Smarter Than Your Man. My experience has proven to me that any female who thinks she is smarter than her man is a neurotic on some level and definitely is a very sick puppy. I NEVER EVER observed a female who when she thought or believed that she is smarter than her man, that she or her husband was happily married. So IF we date and u think u r smarter than me, Please dump me or else I will dump you.


I also volunteer in an old folks nursing home. I try talking with the holy old Jews. You know, the papas and the mammas i.e. the Grandpas and Grandmas. The abandonment which many people feel is very sad. They raised kids, gave them EVERYTHING and then the kids dump them into a nursing home to rot and decay between four silent walls of utter silence and despair. BTW, if YOU ever get sad, here’s an idea. Buy some flowers for three bucks, bring it to any good lady in any nursing home, tell her a good word of kindness or give her a compliment (in Yiddish, Ah Gut Vort) and see how you feel afterwards. We think we are doing the favor, but in reality, the person is doing us the favor, by letting us do them a favor. The benefit to you is only matan schuro b’tziddu. The main dish is in Olam Habah. Geting back to nursing homes, the lesson to me is: do NOT give the kids everything !


About skin color, what is the color of the Jewish people ? See Mishna in Massecta Negaim, Perek 2, Mishna 1. The Mishna says that the color of the Jewish people is ‘ashkaroya’ (meaning: like olive.) So if you are Sefardi you are welcome as long as you have the qualities I seek in a good woman.

I had Sefardic chavrusos and actually daven sometimes in Sefardi shules. The singing and nusach is an enriching silent spiritual experience.

And did you know ? that there was NOT even ONE Reform or Conservative Temple in ALL of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Azerbajan, & etc. And did you know that the Holocaust basically did NOT affect Sefardi Jews. (There were deportations from Greece) But basically, The Sefardim were untouched by the Holocaust. So as Ashkenazim, let us appreciate love and honor these holy beautiful Jews. -An did you know that EACH and EVERY Taana and Amora, meaning: ALL the great illustrious Rabbis of the Mishna and ALL of The talmud were ? yes, ALL were Sefardim ! and not one was an Ashkenazi Jew. So now you know why I love Sefardim too.


Some things about me. I like Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi, Safra. Sifri, Michelta, Tosefta, Rambam. The Rambam is regarded as the King, because in his commentary known as the Yad Hachzazah, he codifies the entire Torah 613 Commandments. And all the great Torah giants who discuss, analyze, question, debate, agree or disagree, are all centered, focused and revolve on the Rambam’s words, his inferences or what he implies or what is logically deduced. His philosophy, intention, meaning and definitions, as to how he understood / interpreted the Talmud and the great debates held in the great Torah Academies, which preceded him by some 1, 000 years in the great Torah Academies.

See, you are getting educated as you read ! Why attend seminary when you get this all here ? LOL ?
Please don’t cut classes and do not use me as an excuse. I am The Prize not the excuse ! LOL !

Did you know there are the following 63 volumes in the entire Shass Bavli (Talmud Bavli),

Seder Zeraim is composed of: 1. Berochoss, 2. Peah, 3. Demai, 4. Keleim, 5. Shveiss -(dealing with Shmitta. Not vows), 6. Terumoos, 7. Massross, 8. Masser Sheni, 9. Challah, 10. Orlah,
11. Bekurim..

Seder Moed is composed of: 12. Shabboss, 13. Eruvin, 14. Pesachim, 15. Shekelim 16. Yoma, 17. Succah, 18. Betzeah, 19. Rosh Hashana, 20. Tanaiss, 21. Megilah, 22. Moed Katan, 23. Chaggah.

Seder Nashim is composed of: 24. Yevomoth, 25. Ketuboth, 26. Nedarim, 27. Nazir, 28. Sotah, 29. Gittin, 30. Kiddushin.

Seder Nezikin is composed of: 31. Bava Kama, 32. Bava Metziah, 33. Bava Basra, 34. Sanhedrin, 35. Makoss, 36. Shvous -(dealing with swearing and vows). 37. Edioth, 38. Avodah Zora, 39, Horioss,
40. Avos -(also known as Pirkie Avos).

Seder Kodshim is composed of: 41. Zevachim, 42. Menachoss, 43. Chulim, 44. Bechoross, 45. Eruchin, 46. Tmura, 47. Krisoss, 48. Meela, 49. Tamid, 50. Midoss, 51. Kanim.

Seder Tahorot is composed of: 52. Kelim, 53. Oholoess, 54.Negaim, 55. Parah, 56. Taharot, 57. Mikvaoss, 58. Neda, 59. Zavim, 60. Machshirim, 61. Tvol Yom, 62. Yudaim, 63. Uktzin.

Know all these 63 Volumes with the Meforshim -(i.e. Commentaries) and YOU are a Gaon mammeleh ! -And then after or during the date we can talk in learning for hours. (if you want) Its gonna be Gevaldig !! -(Yiddish word meaning: super great.) However, if you do not know all the 63 volumes, we can discuss ANYTHING else you or me wish !

Why am I telling you all this ? Because IF you want to know what I am composed of and what my interests are, I ought tell you what makes me tick and where I am mentally and spiritually.
Everything else is secondary to me.

I am looking for love. Not for shtick mishigass stupidity or nonsense. Impress no one but yourself. I can make you smile and laugh till all your 32 teeth are laughing, -Cuspids Bi-cuspids and Molars.


IF you wrote in your profile that…
A simple test to verify.

If you wrote in your profile that you like to be challenged or that you are smart or an intellectual, here is a simple test to confirm or deny how you classify yourself. Enjoy ! LOL !!

Three women walked into a store and each one bought a scarf for $10.00 for a total of $30.00 dollars. When they left the store the owner told the clerk, here is five dollars and please run after these three women and give them five dollars as a refund discount. The clerk being a crook, put two dollars in her pocket and approached the three women and gave each woman ONE DOLLAR as a refund discount.
In effect, each woman paid only $9.00 for her scarf. 3 times 9 =27 and the clerk stole $2.00. So 27 plus 2 = 29 dollars. Where is the other dollar ?? Remember, we started off with $30.00 Can u answer it ?


And now some words of wisdom:

1. People who are overly concerned about their reputation, usually end up losing their character.

2. We have reached the point in today’s society where the normal person has to excuse themselves.

3. Any female who has a crappy relationship with her Dad, usually ends up marrying the WRONG guy. -And will NEVER have a HEALTHY relationship with her husband. Sorry, I will not sugar coat it. It’s just true pathology.

4. There are many boys but few men. Likewise, there are many girls but few women and even fewer ladies.

5. Every person is crazy to the precise degree that you don’t understand them.

6. A man should marry a woman, who had she been born a man, would have been his best friend. Likewise, a woman should marry a man, that had she been born a man, she would have been his best friend.

7. To be married to a great woman is a gift from G-D. Such men do not need life insurance because their life is ALREADY assured and hence insured !

8. By the time a man realizes that his father may have been right, he usually has a son who thinks he is wrong. -Mark Twain.

—Likewise, By the time a girl realizes that her mother may have been right, she usually has a daughter who thinks she is wrong.

9. Which one of the following two sentences is health and which one is pathological.

A). I need you because I love you.
B). I love you because I need you.
— Ponder it and let me know.
For those who wish not to ponder, the answer is: Answer A is health. Answer B is pathological.

10. Always put brain into gear before moving jaw, or else your mouth will spit forth unkindness as it had done the day before.

11. A person is better off being criticized for who they really are, than to be praised for who they really are not. Therefore, be your authentic self and get criticized (if Necessary) but don’t be a lackey looking for false untrue praise.

12. A half truth is also a complete lie, because it misrepresents, distorts, and hides the complete picture.

13. The primary sin your mother-in-law committed was that she gave birth to your husband. Therefore, when you punish her for this act of kindness, do it with love, mercy and compassion and not with wanton hatred. Your own daughter-in-law, may someday repay you for your own acts of kindness. Call it Karma but it will show up somewhere in your sweet life.

14. IF you are a Real Cookie, don’t settle for crumbs.

15. When you meet your soul mate, don’t try looking for a “better” deal.

16. When your ship comes in, don’t be at the airport.

17. Before you fall for love with passion, use your caution. Afterwards, love with abandon..

18. Males are crass whereas Females are sly and coy.

19. Approval & Validation:

When and If you ever seek Approval or Validation from other people, Remember the following;

a). Some of the people will always approve of you.
b). Some of the people will never approve of you.
c). Sometimes, All the people will approve of you.
d). But All the people will Never Always approve of you.
e). IF you can find your own self-approval, you are free of all the above.

20. Every time you encounter an insensitive man or a non-mensch guy, remember he was bred and raised by a Female like yourself. His mother was also “sensitive”, but only towards her own selfish needs and her aggrandizement. Hence, her son learned from his own mom to be truly insensitive as well. Same goes for jerks. -They were also raised by a Female such as yourself. Where did your own Females go WRNOG ? Are the non-mentch guys and jerk guys a genetic issue ? or are they produced by their Mommies ? i.e, The Guy’s Mother ? Females like you ? Think about it ! Ponder it ! How will you raise your sons ? I say “hit em when theyr’e young” You probably say “cudlle dem lil devil boyz.” But then you get a jerk ! and/or a non-mentch. -Conversely, the JAP is not genetic, its a Parental production and then further advanced by the girl herself, and encouraged by society in further spoiling the brat.

21. Who and How is the JAP manufactured ? She is born by a Mommy, encouraged by her Daddy, Continuously spoiled by her Daddy and Mommy, admired by her peers, supported by her friends, promoted by Society, and elevated by her petty crowd. Think about how many criminals are involved in producing and then promoting this JAP creature. But the REAL criminal is the JAP herself because she let IT happen to herself. What a shame.
Consider also, that for every JAP, U have the Converse counter-point balance of a non-mentch / jerk guy. So in the final analysis there is indeed balance in this beautiful World ! Call em Japs and Jerks Incorporated. Another Corporation is: Snobs-Witches and Non-Mentch Guys Incorporated. It takes two to tango here. However, the third Corpoartion is called: Prince & Princess Incorporated. -This is a very good Company

22. As time passes, you will come to understand that much (if not all) your personal pain and suffering, was sent to You by Providence to make you, or encourage you, or to eventually force you to grow, (or change) in ways which you would never have imagined. The main pont of it all, is to transcend it and move forward and change for better. It is also worthwhile to be aware that Providence sends you pain and suffering as punishment for sins which YOU committed against other innocent people. Sins such as Loshon Hora (evil talk about innocent people) and your words ended up hurting other people, WITHOUT YOU even knowing it or even INTENDING it. But due to the fact that YOUR words ended up HURTING other people YOU get back your own garbage. Did you mock single people when you were young and strong at age 18 or 20 or 22 ? Did you call other people “losers” using your big ignorant and arrogant mouth ? Did you insult a “homeless” person ? How many sins between “bein adam L’chvero” = (between man and man) have YOU committed and you were so “insensitive” at the time that you CANNOT even reember whom you hurt ?? See Shulchun Aruch, Section of: Choshhen Mishpat, Chapter 228, where you will see that Heaven punishes people for bad sins committed against and upon your fellow Jewess and Jew. If you are a liberal Jew, these punishments for your sins against other people is called the return payment for your bad “karma”. Or in American parlance its called “What goes around comes around”. There was a woman who used to make “fun” of a classmate of hers who was a single girl and not married at age 40. She kept on mocking and “blaming” the parents with a big mouth. Then a “Funny” thing happened, and her own daughters at ages 38 and 33 and son at age 40 are NOT married. Do you see the payback ? Personally, it scares me enough to know that people are far better off shutting their mouths. And I am wont to say “Put your brain into gear before moving jaw, or else your mouth will spit forth unkindness as it had done the day before”.

23. Today is the First day of the Rest of your Life. Therefore, cherish it.

24. All Girls who claim they are not into head games, ARE.

25. All people who shout how honest they are, really Ain’t, and Those who don’t shout, ARE.

26. A Camel is a Horse built by a Committee and Compromises. Hence, the deformity !

27. In true Philosophical convictions, frequently its either Black or White and there is no room for Grey. The Physical equivalent to this is, that no matter what, you can never be “half pregnant.” Its either you are or you ain’t. Sometimes its only a Yes or No answer.

28. If you love a person, set him / her free.
If he / she returns to you, you know they are yours.
And IF they don’t return to you, they never were.

29. Nature plays a trick on all males and females, with each allowed their false fantasies about married life, and in the end Nature prevails. And (usually) we get married in the End ! So make it a Happy One.

30. I am the only perfect person I know of. Furthermore, I used to be conceited but now I am perfect ! LOL. Isn’t it interesting how we believe in our own nonsense of “non-existent perfection” ?

31. If you wrote in your Profile that you love life, make sure U also love yourself and then your husband. Its really healthy. The rest of the love will come by itself because U encouraged love to flourish.

32. A school which teaches its students accurate Jewish concepts in life,
authentic Halachik Philosophy, and proper Ideology, will not need many Regulations.

33. The pain of unrequitted (non-returned) love can be immense. Therefore go SLOW before u fall for someone.

34. There is a big difference between a wise man and a wise guy.


I am grateful that Frumster exists because it is a venue for expression and who knows ? maybe my basherte is here too. So I am giving it a try.

If you email me, please let me hear your song, what your theme in life is, to which music do you like to dance, and what your motto is, what is your calling ? and to which drum do you march. Its your song which I want to know. Thank you.

I am tired of watching Jewish henpecked men, and it ain’t for me. Ain’t my cup of tea !
I also cannot really date a high maintenance woman. I cannot and will not give that to anyone. I find that people who are high maintenance are deeply shallow, snobby, conceited, gossipy selfish, and a plethora of other bad middoss. I really cannot and do not deal with any JAP types.

After being such a kind and sensitive man as I was brought up to be, I am thinking of becoming insensitive. Why ? because it appears to me that so many insensitive guys end up marrying very kind, considerate, and compassionate women. If you have any suggestions on how I can become insensitive or even a bit crass, crude, and a bit mean too, Please don’t hesitate to send me your suggestion. I will consider it an act of kindness on your part. It would be an act of Chessed ! LOL ! My objective observations have shown me that most females do not marry a sensitive man. In fact, many women on a subconscious level would not really want to date a ‘sensitive man. Truly fascinating, when people say one thing and in reality, they mean the opposite.


Take care and keep on smiling and remember, keep on singing your song and ALWAYS follow your conscience, and live your credo and heed your calling, and always march to your own drummer, cause ain’t nothing more important than that. -Except to listen to your husband of course ! -and that is the REAL TRUTH !
Take it from a man who knows !

A closing thought:
A Smile goes a mile, but its useless to you,
until you give it away !
It costs you nothing
and for the other person it may mean everything !
So give it freely with grace and dignity.
You never know who’s day you make,
It may even be your own.

In closing, if you are a woman or a lady, you will have understood me on some level and that is beautiful. This profile is not my manifesto but rather a brief introduction to a unique individual. (Aren’t we each a unique individual
? ) My idea is to establish rapport with you on some level and then see if it goes anywhere. I operate in a non-pressure environment.

I intend to reply to all emails. However, if you are a “girl” I would rather you not email me because I find “girls” to be shallow, petty, liars, jealous, envious, dumb, bad mannered, MANIPULATIVE, immature and have a very shallow attitude. Whereas a woman or a lady has dignity, elequence, class, integrity, insight, inner calm, kindness, compassion, joy, satisfaction, serenity, tranquility, manners, goodness, decency, morality, ethics, finess, inner beauty, grace, poise, intelligence, softness, honor, distinction, intuition, and I regard her as a gift from Hashem. Why you as a woman or a lady never knew how great you are as a woman or a lady, is really not my fault ! LOL, But now that you do know how great a woman or a lady is, live it and believe it, cuz you deserve it, because you earned it !. G-D Bless You. No other man ever told you this, but I just did because its the truth.

The Jerusalem Talmud (Tractate Shabbos.) says, that after many years of marriage (at least after 64 years of marriage. Rabbii Akiva lived 120 years. ) to his wife Rochel, Rabbi Akiva made her a “Yerushaliam S’hel Zhahav” (an ornament of gold to wear on her head. A rather majestic piece of beautiful Jewelry) A different Rabbi’s wife saw this ornament on Rochel and “also wanted one”, you know, the “me too” syndrome. Whereupon her husband replied ” Did you then sacrifice for me as Rochel did for Rabbi Akiva ?” -and he did not give her one.

See, you gotta earn it and then you deserve it.
G-D bless you and me.
Thank you so much.


Rules of Engagement.

These are the rules, No exceptions. Here is How I work when getting to know you.

1). We correspond via email either on Frumster or other email.
2). No phone conversations the first 6 weeks (that’s spelled six weeks.)
3). We use these six weeks to discover and disclose all the stuff that we hide in the profile.
4). NO falling in love until we BOTH agree that it’s a sane idea of mutual benefit to BOTH.
5). Pre-Nuptial is ok with me to help with happiness and avoid misery on both sides.

I do not apologize for the above Rules. They were made because i once met a profound woman here on Frumster and within 5 days she gave me her Telephone number but it was too freakin fast and i did not call her. She got ticked off and felt “rejected”. To be sure, I definately felt honored that she trusted me enough and so fast, with her cell phone number. That is for sure. The problem was that I was not ready for a verbal exchange yet, and she felt “rebuffed” How wrong she was.

How dumb of her to think i would “reject” her kind of greatness. Why was she so freakin “sensitive” about me not calling her so fast ? I know I am a rare gentleman and scholar, so perhaps she was “afraid:” some other woman woud meet me before she would ? who knows ? and who cares ? I cannot and will not put up with female craziness. ( I tell my sisters the same thing !) Period. And it ended as fast as it began. You may like me, admire me, appreciate me, honor me , hate me, despise me, love me, BUT do not get neurotic about me !
Had she been more slow it could have blossomed, but she freaking blew the opportunity for which she now probably suffers and i now know how crazy even a great woman like her is. She ruined something that could have been a Beautiful relationship. If she happens to read this here now, I am tellng you that I am willing to forgive you if you apologize and we can start again from fresh. Otherwsie you will suffer in silence as so many millions of females do.

Hence, the Rules of Engagement ! I know that attraction when its mutual is an exhilerating high, and a maddening experience, but let us retain the sanity so that falling in love remains a same act !

While i wrote at length here, I am an even better listener. My speech is to enhance, encourage motivate and not to intimidate. A woman or a lady will understand me, but a girl will not.


P/S Anyone here have a recipe to bake chicken cutlets without using oil ?
I am looking for this recipe to bake this for an older person and wish to avoid using oil. Is that at all possible ? Thank you. RSVP

Note: I received many answers suggesting using PAM. Please be aware tha PAM is OIL in a CAN. Therefore, PAM recipes are not valid. And BTW, if you wish to know what PAM stands for (Acronym) see the PAM Website at:


-And Now for LAFFFING !! Can U lafff ???


Can you laugh at the humor presented here for Purim and the tongue in cheek humor ?

The Purim Special…… These lines are for laughter 4 Purim.


Girls, Lateness, & Appointments.

Things that are NOT your fault !

Girls are usually late to appointments and that’s really not your fault. Consider what you gotta do before an appointment and men don’t have to do them.

1. Putting on that Makeup
2. Selecting matching clothes
3. Find a matching belt / pocketbook / purse
4. The appropriate matching Lipstick
5. Eye shadow
6. Eye lashes
7. Face powder or foundation cream !
8. Lip gloss
9. Earrings (Those clips must be painful ! or are they pierced ?)
10. Shoes. Yes, I know no girl has shoes. I feel your pain, believe me.
11. To move your stuff: keys and etc., from your regular pocketbook to the other one.
12. Returning missed phone calls. -Especially on your cell phone !
13. Checking your important (nonsense) email
14. Nails ! tell me about your nails ! I have mercy ! (Filing and nail polish.)
15. Hair, Shampo and then the blow drying.
16. Brushing your hair, then combing it, then spraying it. I have more mercy !
17. Necklace, U r putting on that special nice necklace
18. Your bracelet, same as above !
19. A pin in your hair !
20. Perfume (males use cologne but perfume is in a class by itself)

The above partial list contains some 20 items of great importance. So its NOT your fault when you are late. Its G-D’s fault because He made you do all the above stuff. You are totally INNOCENT and Beautiful. See how ‘sensitive” I really am ! You can show up late for the date cuz it ain’t your fault, Really ! If I had to do all the above stuff, it would take me one week !


About Profiles.

Information regarding profiles, silly conformity, cliches, copycats and other assorted nonsense.

Please don’t write in your profile “my friends tell me or describe me that I am..…blah.. blah …” Your friends ain’t getting married within your profile. So pleeeze stand up and deliver and tell me how you describe yourself. Don’t be so dependent on your friends to describe yourself ! And if what you say about yourself is really true, it is not called bragging, but rather they are the facts. OK ? Get some confidence, you deserve it and then describe yourself. You really will do so much better if you stop being dependent upon your friends. As a general rule, you will only get some peanuts (mostly rotten ones) from other people. Its what you do for yourself that counts and has meaning. (In Kabbalistic terms its known as “nahama D’ksufa” i.e. “shameful bread” because you got it for free. No, I don’t study Kabbalah.) Don’t trust your destiny to friends. Love yourself above this petty small level, and be motivated and inspired to help yourself.

Pleeeze….don’t write that U r looking for a guy to make U “laugh” Does your dad make your mom laugh 2 times a day ? I venture to say that it don’t even happen twice a week. If you wanna laugh please buy yourself a ‘laughing bag’ (costs about 15.00) and shouldn’t marriage be primarily about love ?

Pleeeeze…. Large shabbat tables. R u talking about inviting friends or are we talking homeless abandoned Jews ? You know where the real mitzvah is. Just one question for you now. Did you ever see a poor homeless Jewish woman in the Street in USA or in Jerusalem and you brought her a meal ? or at least bought her coffee and 2 buttered rolls ? Sometimes we talk so much about chessed and have never ever even delivered a coffee and cake to a homeless starving Jew. For honesty, I have yes done it. No brag just fact.

And as for shabboss guests, I am not washing the dishes ! Use Plastic !

Pleeeze .Tell me why so many girls write that they are looking for a guy who can be “silly” and then write that he should know when to be “serious”. And what does it mean that U want a guy who can make U
laugh ? how often ? when ? where ? how much laughter ? to laugh for how long ? –an hour ? one day ? half a day ? three days ? week ? month ? year ? Maam we need the specs ! LOL ! R u girls playing with a
full deck ? So U want silliness wrapped in seriousness, depending on ?? Your dumb mood ? Your immature feelings ? Its so annoying to read because I feel it is so contradictory and its really an oxymoron. And IF you would not be acting so silly, u wud have time 2 educate yourself. But U are busy being so silly ! Gevald ! When will U grow up ! Its now or never or perhaps later !


Preaching & Preaching Inc.

You preach sensitivity but you ain’t.
You preach compassion but have none
You preach sincerity but U ain’t
You preach cheesed Cuz it’s a popular cliche
You preach kindness but don’t open email people send you.
You preach, preach and preach and it will not reach nor beseech
Cuz its vain, insincere and meaningless
Cuz u R meaningless in your preach !

–and that’s why it is as it is.
Cuz its Nothing & Nothing Incorporated.
Just talk babble and scrabble
Preaching a vanity in a vacuum of nothingness
Empty barrels and fluffy decorations
To deceive and to make believe
To pretend a meaning without a definition
To imitate and initiate a veil of something, to cover the nothingness
So all which remains is a nakedness of nothingness.
Stop fooling, Stop Lying, Stop Pretending, Be the real You and no one else.
You R the only real true choice which you really are. So be it !


Some Items on Profile Cliches & Laughing Matters.

Does your profile contain any of the following insincere items ? Some of the following are so laughable cuz they are just said and written and babbled about without authentic meaning.

A). I want to have shabboss guests. –for socializing or Tzeddakah ? Can you handle homeless Jews eating at the shabbos table ? Or does that repulse you ? Can you talk with a holy Jewish beggar ? Or is that beneath you ? Of what cloth is your personality made out of ?

B). I love family and /or I am family oriented. -Really ? Who isn’t ? BTW, what kind of “love relationshp” do you have with your Mommy ? Is it a pathological “symbiotic” type ? -(See book title: My Mother, My Self. Written by Nancy Friday. Available at

C). I want to grow in Judaism / Yiddishkiet. As a female what exactly does that mean ? You can stop talking Losh Hora now. Buy the Chofetz Chaim Shmiras Haloshon Sefer Today. –And if you are an uncontrollable gossip (Chas V’sholom) disconnect your Telephone and start really growing in Judaism immediately. You won’t believe how good a therapy a disconnected phone can be for two weeks. Or at least leave a recording message saying: “My phone is on vacation for two weeks. Please don’t leave me messages unless it is an emergency.”

D). Do you REALLY want to grow in Judaism ? Are you dressing modestly now or are you waiting till Messiah arrives ? If you think that two missing inches on a short hemline, or a tight fitting blouse will make you more attractive, you need medicine. And if you do attract a guy cuz of that, he is a loser and it won’t last because he is only after meat.

Note: If you read my entire profile, I cover this topic more thoroughly and i cannot put it here because its not “purim” stuff but rather its a holy profound insightful topic, so read it later on in this profile. U will enjoy it cuz i am talking there to your holy pure soul, and I address the topic from a man’s perspective.

E). “I like to laugh and I am looking for a guy to make me laugh.” So go to the comedy club and find yourself a comic guy ! Or should your husband tickle you till U laugh ? And BTW Why are you getting married to laugh ? You would be far better off to laugh without a wedding. –Cuz when u marry U may perhaps fight with your hubby (about nonsense of course) sometimes, and then u gonna cry, so laugh without marriage. Is that so complicated ?


You may contact me if you think or feel or opine or conjecture or know that I am…..
a profound man
a wise man
a great man
a fantastic man
a wonderful man
a gaon
a lamdan
a tzadikk
anything good and holy

You may not contact me if you
hate men aka a man hater
have issues with your daddy
have issues with your mommy
have issues with your brother(s)
have issues with your sister(s)
hate good people
are a JAP
if you think you are smarter than me.
high maintenance
have issues of hate against any guy(s) who dumped U
— Hey, I was dumped too and I Thank Heaven for tha