The shidduch crisis is getting so bad…

That its forcing Jews together….you see God always has a plan

That Satmars are dating Luabvitchers

Tzioni’s are dating relatives of the Niturei Karta

YCT guys are dating Lakewood Girls

Yeshiva guys are dating older girls

Frummy girls are starting to delve into the food chain and date working guys

Meshichsts are dating Anti Meshichists

Syrians are dating outside of the community

Stern Girls are dating non-YU guys

Black hatters are dating kipa sruga types (is this within the orthodox gay community?)

Skvere Chassidim are not only dating their cousins

Baltimore girls are getting dates

Out of town is “in”

People on frumster are venturing out of their hashkafic realms

Out of the box types are dating normal types

FFB’s are starting to date BT’s

Mothers are starting to care more about finding their daughters dates rather then finding out what kind table cloths the family uses well…..maybe not that far

Modern orthodox high school students are dating for marriage

Aish guys are dating Chabad girls

Any more….