Is modern orthodoxy doomed?

Apparently modern orthodoxy is doomed, at least according to some fellow who wanted to talk to me the other day. He went on this wild extremely negative rant about how modern orthodoxy was doomed like the middle class in America, in that either you were left wing which wasn’t actually orthodoxy or you were right wing which was more like yeshivish and everyone in the middle had to choose a side. He went on and on about how YU was being taken over by the yeshiva crowd and soon people from the “real” yeshiva world may actually begin to accept their smicha at full value- I told him I highly doubted that. After he was done- I said – AND WHY EXACTLY DO YOU CARE?

Who gives a Sh– is what I wanted to say. Does it really make a difference that people are moving to the right, I guess I fail to notice this right leaning movement because I really couldn’t care less, I let people live and go about my own business. I don’t notice any modern shuls raising their mechitzas or banning women from entering with their hair uncovered, to me open mindedness is what you make of it, some people are so open minded they become intolerant of all those that are not like them. If you think everyone is hating on you- then you will convince yourself. It just irked me that he was so negative- thats all- I am done ranting.