Frum Satire @ Shemspeed Open Mic Night in Brooklyn

A caveat, I totally forgot to post about this and assumed that everyone in the whole world has facebook and therefore some of you may not have known about this.

So last night I got up in front of a live audience for the second time ever and like the last time it was a blast. Unlike the last time it was an informal and free event which featured a very diverse audience of chabadnicks, artsy hipsters and yeshiva rebels. I think I could have done a better job, but it was loads of fun and I met some great people. It was hosted by Shemspeed which is the record label which has Y-Love signed on. You can read about the event on their homepage.

For those of you that did show up- thank you- it was lots of fun meeting some of my loyal commenters and fellow bloggers. There may have been more, but three bloggers showed up and I gotta show my love. Nemo and Jacob Da Jew and Mike in Midwood were the bloggers that showed up.

I also got to meet Matthue Roth who wrote this book Never Mind the Goldbergs which I thought was a hilarious. Mendy Pellin who is by far one of the biggest names in frum comedy because besides being frum he actually does frum comedy- also showed up- but he missed my piece. I also was treated to two beers one by commenter XVI and one by Y-Love who stopped by to see me- and of course I was flattered. He has a free show in Central Park this sunday at summer stage by the way.

It looks like I am going to be the featured artists and MC next time so I will keep you folks posted, it was super fun and a lot of interesting perofrmers took to the stage. Besides for interesting performers- including our dear friend and commenter HEADBANGER who read a poem about getting with frummy girls (good job man it was hilarious) there was a good atmosphere and I spotted some single ladies- so for all you people out there you may want to check it out next time, it will be in about a month on a Wednesday night. Its free and the atmosphere is like a coffee shop/bar thrown into a vintage living room.

I would like to thank Erez and his wife Nina for putting on a great show and filming me and throwing it up on You Tube- my brother filmed me but the camera was sideways.

By the way I got a message this morning from someone who thought my adjustment of the microphone was part of an act- but I really had no idea how to adjust.