Today is the 2 year anniversary of blogging!!!

Since I literally just remembered this anniversary- similar to that of the husband realizing on the day of his 30 year anniversary I am caught red handed and have nothing all too special or sentimental to say. In fact its funny because I am making my second live appearance ever tonight at an open mic night in Brooklyn. But since it is a pretty big milestone that I thought I would never reach I will give you some dry Ben Stein-esque statistics to mull over in your brains. If you would like to read the history of Frum Satire Blog part one and part two.

I looked at last years pathetic one year anniversary announcement and cringed so I am wondering what to do- I could repost my best posts ever- I could do a series, but its only one day and a short one for that matter.

For now you can see the Statistics of Frum Satire:

Blog Stats

Founded on Saturday night June 25th by Sarah Zeldman at her house in off of York Hill road in Toronto;

First post ever notice how immature I sound

Name was chosen because it flowed well;

9.663 comments so far

A23 receives the award as longest fan since he has commented since almost the begining of this blo- I have no idea who he is- but he pops up once in a while usually as the first commenter and then says nothing more.

86,600 spam comments that did not make it through- I would say I have well over 100,000 spam comments all together.

576 posts

69 categories

Nearly 350,000 individual hits

Estimated page views- over 1 million based on just under 3 average page views per visit

Best day ever– On Tuesday June 27- 2007 I received 1965 individual hits

My old frum satire blog hosted by wordpress still receives on average 150 hits per day

Most offensive posts ever- Both have been deleted but I had two sister posts comparing Charedim to blacks and rednecks, very embarrassing works and were deleted some time ago.

Most Popular posts based on views:

Lubavitchers are the coolest Chassids

The best ways to mess with BT’s

All inclusive guide to labeling and judging every sect of orthodoxy

First singles shabbaton

Shadchuns really do ask the most ridiculous questions

How do you greet people on shabbos

More Stats:

Technorati ranking 68,196 with an authority of 91

244 links from other blogs in the last 180 days

Frum Satire Facebook profile created on May 31st 2007

1304 Facebook Friends- 85% random

422 members of the Frum Satire Facebook Group

182 Fans of the Frum Satire Facebook Fan Page

First Frum Satire You tube Video uploaded September 17th- 2007 (I couldn’t figure out the self timer so I recorded where I had hiked to in Montana)

45 You Tube Videos (some have been erased- including my most viewed video)

153 Subscribers on you tube

21 videos with over 1000 views

6 videos with over 2000 views

Most comments ever received on a post: 185 – View post Shomer Negiah Categories

Frum Satire was hacked once and redirected to porn, I have my suspicions it was a Charedi news site that was mad about something I said about them- but I cannot prove it.

My favroite posts: See Best of section on sidebar

Plans for the future:

I would like to try and focus on the positive because its more of a challenge to make fun of positive things. I am looking to expand readership into a wider audience- so I can get past that stubborn 1200 readers a day mark. and maybe get noticed by the larger secular Jewish blogs.

I hope to do more live events and maybe make some more professional videos- and more improvisational videos- like on scene footage from the cholent gas station, and hidden shidduch cams.

Last but not least I would like to thank the fellow bloggers that have helped me along the way- there aren’t too many because as many of you know I am not really a blogger in the traditional sense, in that I am not big on reading other blogs unless people send me links. This short list is of people who have given me sage advice and helped me along the way.

Chaim Rubin


Jacob Da Jew


Frum Outdoorsman (just joking- thats my personal blog)

Sarah Zeldman (started my blog for me)

Tips for other bloggers– (I think I may do an informative post on this) Don’t expect traffic and comments- if you have something interesting to say people will “eventually” find it, it took me a long time to get more then 10 hits a day.