Find your wife in 40 days only $90

If we weren’t Jewish we would think this was some crackpot late night infomercial done by some washed up evangelical traveling preacher. But we are Jews and we put some faith in segulas and prayer, especially if it has the words Kotel attached. I personally feel very overwhelmed at the Kotel and love davening there and did so almost every day during my 6 month Israel stint.

Its actually kind of funny because Western Wall Prayers as they call themselves have many different types of prayers:

Standard Prayers:

A Torah-observant Jew will go to the Western Wall to pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 consecutive days. Minimum donation: approx. $2/day ($90). You people are so lazy- how do you expect to find your wife by just davening- I can pay a friend this amount to have me in mind- definitely go for the more exclusive prayers.

Exclusive Prayers:

A Torah-observant Jew will go to the Western Wall to pray exclusively on your behalf for 40 consecutive days. The entire Bircas HaTorah Yeshiva will say a psalm for you and Rabbi Nebensahl, Chief Rabbi of the Old City and one of the great Tzaddikim of our time will do a Mesheberach for you (special prayer in front of a congregation). Minimum donation: $9/day ($360).

Personalized Exclusive Prayers:
In addition to an exclusive prayer, over the course of the 40 days, the entire Book of Psalms (150 Tehillim), or King Solomon’s Song of Songs (Shir ha Shirim) will be recited at the Wall, a Mesheberach prayer will be recited in Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem on Shabbat and a Mishna (portion of the Oral Law) will be learned daily in your merit. Rabbi Nebensahl, Chief Rabbi of the Old City and one of the great Tzaddikim of our time will also do a Mesheberach for you. Minimum donation: $18/day ($720 US + *up).

Premier Prayers:
With special permission from the Vaad HaRabbonim (Council of Rabbis in Israel), a minyan (10 Torah-observant men) will pray together for 40 days at the holiest place where Jews are allowed to go – deep in the Western Wall tunnels across from the Holy of Holies. This excludes Shabbat, when they will pray at the Western Wall itself. This site is not available for public prayer. Because of its holiness, special permission is required and is only given in rare circumstances. Minimum donation: $1,800.

This sounds pretty cool- I wonder if I can get a heter with special permission from the Vaad HRabbonim not to have to daven in America because I have a minyan in my behalf in Israel It may be worth the extra sleep.

Then they have the custom prayer– which I can only guess- but probably includes davening to find your wife but health, wealth and a super hot wife as well as.

I noticed they wrote a Torah Observant Jew, I wonder if they have a clearance rack for those that think a non-observant Jew may actually be better then a Torah Observant Jew since your getting someone to pray who normally wouldn’t, oh and its half off.

I gotta say the site is pretty impressive with articles from Yahoo News, Boston Globe and Reuters- they also have 163 known success stories to their name and even have some of the stories on the site.

Things to look for in the future- the prayer credit card, every dollar spent equals a prayer said in Israel for you. Prayer Cam- pray in front of your computer and it transmits your shadow to the kotel.

Western Wall Prayers is an ad by the way- but it is funny too.