Ranting and Raving about Sushi

I like sushi, I cannot say I love it for I am rarely willing to plunk down 5-8 bucks or more for a few pieces of raw fish and rice. In fact it irks me when eating sushi that I have paid at least a dollar for the piece I am about to take in one bite. Not only is it raw, saving the seller on cooking costs, but unless they figure out a way to cut the sushi into more then 8 pieces you are royally screwed, psychologically for you just spent loads of money on something in a pizza store- which is where most Jews buy their sushi. What sushi has to do with pizza is beyond me, besides for its fast food aspect. Sushi is one of those fast foods that bridges the gap between fa ncy and fast food, in pizza stores they give you it in aluminum and in fancy places you get a plate- wow!

How the pizza stores became the sushi dealers is beyond me, but its funny how much money you can spend and not even be full. Everyone likes to espouse the idea that sushi is filling and it is, but seriously, it would take $40 to fill me up and sushi cannot even compare to a thick juicy steak with fried onions.

But then I discovered sushi tempura, yes its expensive and no it doesn’t fill you up, but once in a while- actually twice in my life as of last week I have eaten this new delicacy. Of course if its cooked, and it is, is it still called sushi? Well the first time I had it someone else took me out to Sushi Metsuyan in Monsey- a great place to people watch by the way- and we ordered some sushi tempura and it was amazing- so last week I decided to try it for myself.

I met my friend Mark for a piece of pizza and ended up feeling like a had just spent way too much while still enjoying what I got, immensely. I ordered the Godzilla roll, it was $14, but it was damned good and while I waited a long ass time for it I had a pre-game piece of pizza so I wouldn’t feel cheated when it didn’t fill me up. I do realize now that I could have ordered a meal for two with that money and I doubt I will ever buy tempura sushi again, but with that in mind I decided to make a video filming my reaction- let me just say that sushi tempura style is a completely un-sushi like experience and all of you who are scared of raw fish can eat it too.

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