People who don’t wear yarmulkes that often entertain me

So I’m at this wedding today and I noticed something really funny. It was a very diverse wedding featuring all sorts of Jews and non-Jews. Many of the Jews were folks who had put on yarmulkes just for the wedding. The chupah was held in the sanctuary of the Great Neck Synagogue and they have those stadium seating style chairs which make you want to plop into as if you were doing a shul version of the belly flop. You don’t actually sit, you just aim your butt between the two arm rests and as you fall you let out a sigh that sounds like you had just been holding your bladder for the last 2 days.

Upon sitting down the sitter puts both arms onto the chairs on the side of him and starts talking about the food. But not at this wedding, I sat in the women’s section- which I only found out was so after the chupah because there was no visible mechitza. Anyway from my vantage point I could watch as countless folks sat down and immediately threw their hands up to deflect the yarmulke which had already fallen off their heads due to lack of clamping devices such as bobby pins and clips.

I don’t know if anyone else was getting such a kick out of something so common, but I was predicting whose yarmulke would fall off next. It always happened the same way, man plops into chair and then up go the hands usually to his bald head with hair on the sides, hair also acts as a clamping device and allows the yarmulke to be fastened easier to the head.