You Dont Mess With the Zohan rocked!!!

I rarely go to movies, (this was my 4th movie this year) in fact I didn’t even know such a movie existed until about two weeks ago- but hearing about it without knowing much else, I forked over my $10 for a couple of hours of being transformed into a zombie, a laugh my ass off zombie for that matter.

Who can resist an American made movie that makes fun of Israel, Israelis and Israels enemies? Not me and I was glad I went. This is not really a review, its more of a recomendation to go and see Don’t Mess with the Zohan right away- I laughed out load for the entire movie. The last time I did that it was for the movie Superbad.

So its raunchy, if you do not enjoy hearing Adam Sandler have sex with multiple women over the age of 65 this may not be for you, if you do not want to see loads of hot “supposedly Israeli/Palestinian women half naked- you may want to skip it. I think I also may have enjoyed it so much because I was the ONLY person in the entire theater laughing at anything. I saw it in Albany and most of the theater were high school and college age kids- the jokes take at least a basic knowledge of Israeli politics and even better if you have been to Israel- it could have been better for sure, but was worth every minute of it.