When did juice become water?

Obesity is creating a booming food economy, so booming that somewhere along the road around 5 years ago, juice became water. Suddenly flavored water, which to me was somewhere between drink and juice became water. Water became too plain and suddenly there were multiple kinds of spruced up waters. I was bothered by the whole “smart water” phenomena- to me it’s a bit overdoing. Smart water was actually a sure sign of someone’s stupidity, but then they went a bit farther and assumed that if they started with a mostly water base, added just the right amount of “stuff” that was presumably needed in water and made it taste just sugary enough to make it seem like some diet product, they could call it water.

As today’s youth likes to say WTF???

When should water not be considered water anymore? There must be some sort of USDA regulations on that or pretty soon a watered down mountain dew will be called water. Snapple has water now and vitamin water which taste like freaking juice is water. Its construing peoples views of water, I am sure there are people that think water has to be colored and have sweet taste, well in some places it is sweet- like unfiltered stream water in the Jewel Basin of Montana, and if you drink out of the lakes in Rockland County you will notice a distinct tint.

But this colored flavored water continues to bug me- I spoke to a doctor friend of mine and he told me that the B-vitamins were a load of crap and the “intelligent waters” are just loaded with caffeine, taurine and gaurine which are just fancier ways of saying more caffeine then a cup of coffee and presumably healthier because its “just water”.

I wonder what will be changed, already you have the candy bar industry, adding fiber and protein to their already unhealthy candy bars in order to call them “energy bars”, energy water and energy bars- denote a certain level of healthiness that isn’t there. Meal replacements they call them, maybe they can make a real meal replacement candy bar that gives you a turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie- like that of those pills invented by Willy Wonka. Now that would be meal replacement, to me peanuts and nougat (what the heck is nougat anyway- besides a big chunk of weed) is hardly a meal.