Good cheesecake is becoming quite rare

I went into Shavuos with a wary mind this year for certain trends in the cheesecake industry have been troubling. First off homemade cheesecake is becoming a rare commodity not to be taken lightly, like homemade challah in cities with kosher bakeries, homemade cheesecake is rare. Then when it is homemade the trend has been to discount the importance of the crust, not to be taken lightly my friends, for crust is just as important as the actual filling and topping.

Have you ever had pie with poor crust quality? You might as well just eat the apple, for the filling is a complete waste without the proper crustage- it is like hot dogs without the proper condiments- plain old crappy. So you might say I was a bit dismayed, knowing I would be spending Shavuos in Washington Heights which has direct access to a kosher bakery (which if I recall correctly has damned good cheesecake) and I basically worried the whole week about whether I would in fact enjoy shavuos through good cheesecake, or if I would have to settle for the traditional anyone can make this ziti and blintzes.

I was not let down, I did not have to go another shavuos eating generic freezer burned frozen crustless cheesecake. I did not have to peel off wax paper dividers in order to eat a block of sweetened cream cheese- which one can hardly even call cake- what is cake after all, if it is just merely cheese? Should this not be called cheese, sweet cheese if you will? A thin layer of crust that resembles soggy matzo can hardly turn a piece of sweetened cheese into cake. I am not a cake philosophizer- but I would think that there should be some universal standard as to what the minimum crust thickness should be in order to gain stature as cake.

Then as I was sitting on a friend or friends white leather couch, somebody whispered into my ear that there was a surprise dish that I may get excited about. I was going back and forth between two different kinds of quiches and a mighty fine spinach and pine nut salad to pay heed to her warning. I continued stabbing pieces of spinach and trying to balance the rains and pine nuts precariously on my fork when I noticed a fresh silvery aluminum tray placed on the buffet table.

I quickly loaded all the contents of my plate into my gullet and made my way to the buffet table, knocking over small children and old ladies in the process. At last I could see the glory that lay before my eyes, but would its crust contentHorarios del online poker Americana (M?quinas de Azar) y Bar Slot de las 11 de la manana a las 5 de la madrugada. that was hidden beneath layers of cherries and cheese meet the standards set forth by my cheesecake rating system. With super strength, I was finally able to burst through the crust which reminded me of that scene from Armageddon when they start drilling in the meteor- I was already impressed, for a plastic knife was not able to reach the depths of the cake and precautionary measures were made through the usage of a steak knife- my kind of cake already.

The crust did not fail and in fact some people were even scraping off cake in order to eat plain crust- but let us not devalue the cake park itself. The cheese was of great richness and the cherries added a good sweet and red slathering of random slime. It was good and when the cook who look to be pleased asked me how it was- my only response that truly conveyed my feelings was to answer “orgasmic”.