Obama is nominated and I think its cool!!!

As you may have noticed I rarely talk about politics on this blog, mainly because I don’t care, and also because my views are so distorted, having worked in politics for both major parties- that I try to steer clear. In fact, I have no idea who I am going to vote for- and will not decide until I start researching both candidates policies a few weeks before the election.

However, I think that the nomination of Barak Obama is super cool, maybe its my liberal tendencies poking through my redneck shell- but I am super proud that a black man is going to be running as president, and I am not talking about some ill fated attempt at fame done by Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. I am talking about a real campaign.

So while everyone is debating whether or not Obama is some Al Quieda sleeper cell, or if he truly hates Israel- I am totally pumped to see him in the race- although unlike most of my peers I didn’t really have anything against Hillary- although I did try and ask some friends why they hated Hillary and the usual response was because “she’s a bitch” which to me was a lousy response- since I feel the same way about Condi Rice.

Obama is a different story- everyone seems to know all about the horrible things he’s done and so on, of course, general fear of Republicans has gripped me in recent years- but I am still true to looking at the whole picture. Israel, universal health care, the environment, gun rights and separation of church and state. Everything else blends into the back round noise.

Now you all can go at it- but I am not changing my mind- a black man is running for president and I am proud of it.