My first Haviel Halelim- Jewish Blogger Carnival

This is my first ever Haviel Halelim so I hope it comes out all right. For all of you who are not aware- a Haviel Halelim is a Jewish Blogger Carnival in which bloggers submit their posts and I put them up with links back to them. I also looked around at several recently updated blogs featured on my blogroll and plucked anything of interest. The whole point of this is to expose my readers to new blogs and give myself exposure to those I have linked who may not have ever been to frum satire. If you would like to host a Haviel Haleilm please contact JACK– for information.

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Haviel Halelim

Random Stuff.
Learn how to photograph God– all I can say is interesting and spiritual.

Check out the Jewish Blogger Interviews from Jewish Blogmeister- look for interviews of some of the most popular Jewish Bloggers.

Shira Bat Sara writes about memorial day- interesting!

Daaled Amos talks about the Al Dura Case

Frank the Financially Savvy Athiest gives us a book review- nice blog name dude!

Big Falafel tells us to mark our calendars for the Sex and the City Movie

Frum Punk wants meshulachim to have some sort of etiquette– good luck!

Dreams of who doesn’t just talk in her sleep

Frum Librarian talks about the music of her youth- hey aren’t you selling out the book crowd?

What War Zone talks about Harrison Ford and the new Indiana Jones

The Frum Outdoorsman tells us about the organic garden he planted

Jack celebrates his blogs fourth anniversary

Interested in learning the Art of Denial?

My thoughts exactly- from Schvach

Jack asks what if the plane crashes? I sure hope they have those black boxes man.

The Brooklyn Wolf
says that Loshon Horah causes…science?

Tamara relates to us about her happy teacher moments.

Super Raizy’s kids are getting older

Maze Artist says that online job searches are pointless and I definitely agree!

Chaim Rubin tells us that being nice wont kill you- he has obviously never owned a car in NY

Israelis also remember Memorial Day

Memorial Day Vs. Yom Hazikoron– should we whip out the Ky jelly?

Abandoning Eden wonders about having her future husband convert to Judaism.

Seraphic Secret has a nice photo post on Memorial Day.

Orthodox Ethics in the workplace from Lubob No More

Prisstopolis talks about TuBshvat and Sonnets-

Chabad recognizes that the Rebbe died!!!

Miriam asks, is Judaism a right or a privilege?

The Jew Spot talks about cool Klezmer- I did not know this was possible!

Jameel tells us about the closing of Volzhin- urban legend?


Friar Yid says Hipsters take off the God damned keffiyah

Batya talks about living south of Jerusalem

The national bird of Israel

Carter Screws Israel

Judeo Pundit talks about Carter and Israel

Batya’s bus driver is a mentch

Spam Mail from Olmert– thanks to Jameel

Check out this new bilingual Hebrew/English blog about one families move to Israel

Yaakov decides to ride home to Shechem on the back of a scooter

Is George Dubya the other burning burning bush?

The Ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Seraphic Secret gives us the Idiots guide to Israeli-Syrian relations

Rafi talks about giving Haredim Legitimacy- interesting!

Jacob is wondering why girls go to seminary?

A photo spread and post about the controversial Calatrava Bridge in Jerusalem!

Dan says that we are united even when we disagree- religious Zionists!

I should have read the NY Times first, hmm, thats liable to piss some right wingers off.

Toby talks about Israeli political bumper stickers

Very interesting blog bringing you up to date information about Jewish political prisoners in Israel

Peace between Israel and Syria– what the latter must do!

Current Events

Chaim Rubin has an ongoing discussion about the Antisemitism raging in Crown Heights.

Yid with a Lid talks about the Al Durah Hoax

Anti Israel Bias in South Africa– what else is new?

Yid with a Lid???????? talks about stopping the Hebrew Charter School

Simply Jews talks about boycotts


Check out Sarah’s Healthy Shabbat blog for all the latest and greatest healthy kosher recipes.

A thorough investigation of Bagels in Jerusalem– the cream cheese is a ripoff as I recall.

Check out The Jew and the Carrot for the latest in Jewish food and contemporary issues.

Mordechai tells us about his Basement Salad

Shtetle Fabulous talks about Heartburn and Heebs

Take a look at the latest kosher cooking carnival from Me-Ander!

Kosher Caskets– did I miss one of the latest chumras?

Torah and Hashkafa

Check The Shmuz Blog for the latest in mussar and ethics articles and free down loadable shiurim.

Lubob No More says the Torah is great because its against slavery

The Velveteen Rabbi gives us this weeks parshah

A Simple Jew talks about the garments we wear.

Sara tells everyone about her Sefira Challenge

What is the minhag sefiras haomer of Lakewood?

Ari talks about genetic testing for Jewish couples.

Dov Bear has this thought provoking and controversial post on homosexuality.

On the Fringe talks about women getting called to the Torah

Dan writes that Rav Cook is the most influential leader.

The Rebetzins Husband argues for single sex education.

The Real Shliach enjoys being his own boss and doing things on a whim.


Jameel tells us why Israel is a rich country- I love those zatar crackers by the way.

Childish Behavior tells about his mind going blank when davening for the amud.

What is the correct usage of the term “Nu” anyway? I have wondered this myself.

Friar Yid talks about bible fun with Dr. Phill

Mike in Midwood talks about how unsanitary yeshivas are and I agree 100%.

Frum Satire tells us how to say good shabbos


New and interesting blogger Material Maidel talks about driving in cars with boys.

Dreams of Who talks about having fun in Kansas

Bad For Shidduchim talks about her drinking habits.


Chaya attempts to classify men- good luck buddy!

Frum Satire tells us about his date with a 31 year old- he is only 26!

Ahuva talks about shabbos walk dates.


Mom in Israel tells us why homemaking is a challenge.

Dixie Yid tells us about the Joys of raising children.

Frume Sarah talks about rational irrationality

I hope you enjoyed this carnival- for more information about this site or anything else please see me on facebook or email me frumsatire@gmail.comĀ