Spin Magazine features article on yeshivish metal heads(no joke)

I received a call tonight from an old friend and fellow air guitarist who was ecstatic for his roommate had just received this months Spin Magazine in the mail and low and behold there is an article entitled “Yeshiva Destruction” unfortunately my friend did not send me an email detailing the rest of the article- and it is not located anywhere online as of yet. So I guess I am breaking this story and eventually someone else will figure out the details.

I personally think its cool- the basic gist of the article from my 5 minute phone conversation was that its going through why yeshiva guys are so into metal- and how its sinful but they love it anyway, there are also tidbits about David Dramins yeshiva days. For all of the uninitiated David Dramin is the lead singer of Disturbed- who I personally love.

If anyone can find an electronic copy of this article please send it on down.

Happy Lag Baomer