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This post is designed to inform you of several things at once- rather then posting

I will be hosting a Haveil Halelim which is a Jewish Blog carnival on June 1st. I know many of my readers are new bloggers and this is a great way for you to get exposure. A blogger carnival is basically a chance for you to send me a post that I can link to to you. Carnivals usually have categories- which I will make up since I am new at this. Here is a sample Haviel Halelim from Jack who is in charge of setting up people who want to host. Please send me your post links to if you want to be featured in this Haviel Halelim- please state what its for in the subject line.

Frum Satire Interview 

Jewish Blogmeister has done a series of Jewish Blogger interviews in the past. He contacted me a long time ago and for some reason it wasn’t until now that he decided to do the interview, it will be posted on his blog this coming Tuesday.

Make a small donation to the victims of Sedrot

Someone has asked me to try and get you people to donate first aid kits to the victims of Sedrot- I of course agreed. Now all you have to do is click either of the following links- this first link is for single first aid kits which are running at a mere $19.95- come on people- its not that much, throw some maaser money their way. How’d you like to have a rocket in your living room? The second link is if you are an oil tycoon and want to donate multiple kits.

I want do do a stand up show or live gig 

If anyone can organize or help me out with planning and finding a venue to do this sort of thing- the best place would be in midtown Manhattan I am told- please contact me.