The following video is creating an uproar on you tube

I have posted this video before- but it needs to be posted again with all of the rather violent comments made by two individuals who think I am the worst thing since the Nazis. I am perpetuating hate and they have become convinced that I am writing for an audience of missionaries and secular Jews so that they can poke fun at the ultra orthodox. I tried to explain to them that most(not all) of my readers are of the yeshiva, Lubavitch and right wing modern orthodox crowds- but they wouldn’t listen- I figured I would post and see what people had to say- especially since I know plenty of critics read this blog.

This video is about a weekend spent in Monsey at my Charedi relatives- prior to actually moving there. Please note that the first 10 comments or so were complimentary- following the video are the violent and pissed off comments- that do have a point- and I understand it based on their age mostly- 39 and 40 year olds. Though based on some amazing contacts I have made in the few days I have come to the conclusion that my over 35 year old crowd is much larger then I thought.


well, I understand where you are coming from is not easy to be jewish…but you see,It is with this chasids that judaism will go on to the next generation, you will give to your children a assimilated ,americanized,corrupted version of it! I admire more the dicipline , prefference of absolute values and their resolusion to keep them, than the pathetic way on which you look at them! I admire chasidim!

Well admiring chassidim is one thing and making fun of them is another. I never said I didn’t admire them- your problem is that you cannot take a joke- and on top of this- you are not willing to ackknowledge that out of the Jewish community as a whole the chassidim are the most Screwed up and have undoubtedly caused loads of assimilation based on their views that other Jews are not good unless they look like them.

Just putting on some garb does not excuse their illegal behaviors-

I don’t see what you see! Being jewish particulary for a hassid is dificult! while most jews prefeer the easy and lazy “version” of judaism. This hassidim celebrate jewishness in its most pure form. for me making fun of this people is like making fun of the very esence of my jewish soul! I can’t blame them for being protective,the real and loyal jew has done so since the bigining of our nation.They have what they have because the put a fence around themeselves,the causes envy to the assimilated!

about “illegal behavior” I recent that! I refuse to believe that! yes there are people that may have done some of this minor and technical illegalities, but what about you? are you following the legalities of jusdaism? What does judaism teaches about gossip, slander,about ridiculing others at the expense of humor? do you have any idea of the irresponsable act you have commited by presenting this video? I deal with antisemitism and this video is ideal for them to promote it ! is a Chilul Hashem!

I’m in agreement with you that there are folks in the areas you describe who could use a little humor in their outlook. Consider performing “live” for them. Would you say this material to their faces? I doubt it. Those folks are not the one’s viewing your posts. Your viewers are elsewhere, laughing at their brother’s expense. If knowing you personally is necessary to truly understand you’re true intent, then it’s your obligation to prevent others from misinterpreting what your message is…

Its actually funny you say this because I actually did do one show in Washington Heights and preformed this exact material- it was loved by the audience- I have plenty of readers/watchers who are black hat people- Rabbis, kollel guys, yeshiva guys- and more, if you aren’t from a yeshiva back round most of my stuff is hard to get.
You can watch my performance on facebook. I am planning another larger show for the summer. I am writing an article with this stuff for a Jewish paper as well.


Thanks for responding. I understand all of the supposed satire that you so thoughtfully crafted. Your answers don’t do justice to my inquiry’s. Which venue in Washington Heights did you perform in? What publication will be featuring your writing? Since you stand behind your standup, you are willing to identify them, aren’t you?


Of course- I preformed in the Mt Sinai shul on the corner of 187 and Bennet in the heights in late November of last year- way before I poste anything on youtube- my blog is huge compared with this- 2000 hits a day.

The publications featuring me- NJ Jewish News, Long Island Jewish Star and soon the Jewish Week and Village voice- with my latest connected fan.

I am also featured on a Documentary made by two Chabad women- on shomer negia- its called Cant Touch This.


Thanks. Surely then, based upon the list of publications below, I reiterate my earlier comments. Your audience is not laughing with those whom you insult, but at them. You are providing them a way to vent hatred & disrespect disguised in your feux comedy. Your agenda is transparent and you cannot hide from its results, whether you feel you’re being humorous or not. You should be concerned with more important matters than the hits you recieve here. Is this the legacy you want to be remembered by?

I agree 100% with mocrman! I deal with antimemitism and those idiots the missionaries….they love garbage like this to spit at our people. I resent that he assumes negative things about the very religious,and I ‘m personally insulted by your sick satire and vulgar gentile-minded stupidity. If there is any respect left in the minute spect of jewishness you have…you should understand that!

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