Why can’t there be a database of halacha, chumra and heterim?

The title says it all, I am sick of people telling me some leniency or chumra and then saying that they heard it from some random sephardic Rabbi in Forest Hills. Or maybe when you have a heter to shower during the 9 days you can’t seem to find out who gave you this heter. How many times I have heard the line “they say” or “I heard from someone” or “I am telling you I read that” and you cannot find where “that” is. Look at the non-Jewish world, you can find anything you want about politicians, musicians, artists, businessmen, etc… yet when you want to find how on earth the Triangle-K got its reputation as being unreliable you will have 10 different people telling you something else. Just go and find out if its actually against halacha to think that that the Rebbe is moshiach- no one source can be had. I propose that there be a one stop shop online database- of heterim, chumros, takanahs, kasharus myths and so on- it will get violent, but Judaism was never made to be one size fits all, there are varrying opinions and I just wish there was one place to learn about them all.