Shkoyach, Shaloshudos and Yuntiff- sound frummy but make no sense

There are three words that are used solely by frummies that are compounded from their normal usages. These are such common words that like many slang terms- they are said to be the actual words- the problem is that many people not inclined to spend time within the frum community- IE many of our BT’s can probably attest that the first time they heard these three words said- that they had no idea what the person was talking about, and upon learning what they were saying, thought that the words must have been yiddish.

Shalashudos– now this is not yiddish and is in fact a Hbrew term supposed to mean Shalosh Suedos- which makes no sense but since it sounds frummer then Seuda Shlishit- because God forbid would anyone who says the suf actually use words that used a tuf, because people may think we are modern orthodox or worse – zionistic!

Yuntiff– another word that could be mistaken as Yiddish, because many people mumble it into a incoherent wind muffled- passing you by without the use of good or “gut” as the yuntiff crowd says. So in fact it goes from good yom tov, to gut yuntiff to just plain old yuntiff, sometimes said twice in the street by a more friendly lively person. So you may be wondering why they just don’t say Good Yom Tov or even worse Chag Someyach. Well Yuntiff sounds frummer if you ask me- and we are in a stage of Social Orthodoxy which I will be getting to in a later post.

Shkoyach– ok the other words have their reasons, but how Yasher Koach (the word used to congratulate someone on putting the torah away without dropping it, or becoming bar mitzvad , or a million other jobs in shul) became Shkoyach- which when said the frummy way, resembles someone hocking a particularly thick luggie in their car stopped at a red light. In fact I think it was invented by that guy in shul who wears suits that are 40 years old and always sits on his own cushion placed on the bench- who always seems to be hocking luggies during laining.