What heterim do you utilize during the Omer?

Do you do blank during sefiras haomer? It’s a simple enough but it seems that every question what “we” do during the omer has a different answer. No one just listens to whatever the halacha may be- there is always a “we” hold like this or like that. I personally have no idea what my family does- so I just kind of make up my own or take up the chofetz chaim yeshiva minhagim- which rock because while being a respected yeshiva it is left wing compared to many.

So I am allowed to shave on Fridays- which sucks because I hate to shave, I am all about the scruffy redneck look. Not shaving really brings out the spaced out crack head look in me. How about music everyone’s favorite thing to debate. I personally listen to non-live music, this “heter” was probably made up by some yeshiva rebel in the 1980’s and eventually became halacha. Hey does that mean heterim are kind of like chumros, keep them enough years and they become halacha. Anyway, I find that music is giving up live music is very hard for me- for most Jews who only go to those overpriced Jewish shows that always sound like wedding music- I don’t think its such a big deal, besides they all get banned anyway, but for someone like me who tries to get to many shows a month- sefira is horrible. Luckily all the festivals fall after sefira. So what is the deal with music anyway?

Then you have the other obscure- no one really knows the deal- stuff. Movies, I was told not to go to the theater- but dvd’s are fine, I do neither anyway- so I am safe. What about buying new stuff? Clothing, books, electronics- I don’t really buy anything besides food- so I am safe.

I have been having these thoughts because I have a date scheduled for this week, and normally I wouldn’t be so worried, but I am actually looking forward to this one and I am venturing into unknown territories with this one, no she’s not Asian, she’s 31. That’s right folks I am going out with someone 5 years older then me and I am worried because if I don’t shave I will look like I was just in the woods for 2 weeks, but if I do shave she will automatically assume I broke the omer. (little does she know that right now I am at work on I-pod shuffle mode currently on song 132 out of 18,646- but I got a heter for this)

I know what some of you are thinking, if she is that frum that she assumes you shaved without a heter on the omer- why would you want to be with her? You are right, but still people always tell me about first impressions. Plus she’s 31, and mature, although I think she is the type of girl which has never had a sexual encounter- which is a little intimidating to me (weird I know) and I want to come off as relatively normal.

Now for a video of what my father thinks of my dating older women: