I like guns- and I think every Jew should own one!

I like guns! I know that sound a little right wing of me, and undoubtedly many of you probably thought me to be one tree hugging peacenik, but I like guns, in fact I have this vision of me driving my 1986 F-250 without a shirt on, hand out my window clutching the mirror, shotgun propped up against the window, and blasting country music- well almost- since my trusty old Ford truck had no radio. In fact the 36 inch tires and dual exhausts made so much noise that I wouldn’t have been able to hear the radio anyway.

I loved that truck, it cost me $500 and didn’t last too long, two gas tanks, 5.7 liter engine and you had to pump the gas because it never seemed to start. Once it did start it was a riot, you could mow down Honda civics and you wouldn’t feel a thing. I was redneck for a short while. I drove it mostly in mud pits and local quarries- it was a beast and no one ever tailgated- even though it was damned slow.

As for guns all I have is an old .30 caliber rifle with a stuck bolt, and a Ruger 10/22 which is great for garden destroying pests and shooting kedem bottles in the woods. For the last few months I have been debating buying something nice- a little gift for the coming food riots and fuel shortages that are bound to hit us sometime, depression as well- what could be better then stockpiling weapons. I want a handgun- but cannot really afford it, and don’t really like shooting them- I enjoy rifles much more. In fact the only round I could probably afford to do target practice with would be a .223, even though I love shooting .308 and 30.06.

Anyway back to the guns, I found this place in Israel that offers some crazy deals if you want to learn how to shoot some pretty cool weapons. I mean being able to shoot automatic weapons, and tactical terrorist prevention training sounds damned cool to me. For $75 you get two hours of shooting and instruction by Israeli soldiers- maybe even some of those hot girl soldiers in the skirts- that always make grenade launchers look like some fashion accessory. In NY state I know that getting an automatic weapon cost loads and you need a very hard to get Class-C license- so next time I am in Israel- hook me up yo. The place is called Caliber3 and it is located in Gush Etzion.

I think you may be able to deposit me into the category of people that think every Jew should learn how to shoot and own a weapon- times are not peaceful and with the coming depression its likely to get worse- more people hate the Jews then you think. I guess I am a but right wing in this case.