Feeling like an idiot during davening

Almost every Friday night at Maariv I clop for selach lanu and immediately realize my faults as I look around to make sure no one saw, its almost as bad as when I drool in public and then look around feeling like an idiot, but acting nonchalant as if nothing actually transpired.

Well on Friday I did something that could trump all dumbassness when it comes to davening. I am that token guy in shul on chol hamoid with the tefilin on. I guess it makes up for my families minhag to say only half of benching. As a kid I always felt like an idiot carrying my tefilin with my lulav and esrog to shul. I mean the coolest part of going to shul on chol hamoid is going empty handed without your tefilin.

So I was rocking my solo davening on Friday morning in sunny Colorado- and I went to take off my tefilin for musaf I looked down and low and behold my yarmulke was sitting on the table, untouched from when I had put on my shel rosh tefilin straps. Luckily I was alone, because I felt like moron, kind of like when you miss yale veyavo, but a little harsher. Just hope that God accepts prayers without my little leather disk.