How do you try on a suit? (video)

So I was in Syms trying on a suit before Pesach, I ended up not getting one just because if I shop for longer then 20 minutes I get a headache. So I was sucking in my stomach for the pants to go on when I noticed a yeshiva guy in the corner of the open aired dressing room trying on a suit. He was shuckeling, so I assumed he was davening mincha- kind of like they do at airport phone booths. He was hidden enough, you could see his butt and back poking out of his little stall as he swayed back and forth. Then he started thumb dipping and doing various yeshiva gang signs. I then realized that this was the way he tried out suits to make sure they worked in a variety of situations. If you are new to this site- please check out my You Tube page, I just hit 100 subscribers last week.