How do you say good shabbos? (video)

This video corresponds to the very well received post on the guide to saying good shabbos.

Hacking Update
Life must go on, besides I am expecting the folks from yeshiva world news to hack me again and this time delete this blog for good. I reason to suspect it was something to do with yeshiva world news because I wrote to articles bashing them in the last couple weeks- I have written hundreds of offensive articles- but coincidentally in the week I bash a fellow blog- my site goes dead- and typical of charedim- they redirect to porn. If this were to happen I invite you all to visit and change your blogrolls to my old site
that site has all of my posts for the first year and a half. I am working on exporting all comments and old posts to that site as well for an exact mirror site. For now I will continue to use this site until the hackers permanently delete or deface this blog. Of course thats when the fun begins.

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