Is yeshiva world news a brainwashing conspiracy?

Anyone who sits at a desk all day and wants to scare the crap out of themselves should just read the comments on yeshiva world news. For all of the unenlightened, the yeshiva world news is the largest charedi website on the internet. It was started as a secret blog by Charedi Rabbis to mold the minds of their followers and write insinuating comments on blogs they found to be against the agenda (which I have not figured out as of yet- although I have some theories) Some theorizers like myself, think tyrannical control is the eventual outcome and complete insularity and dumbness will result from actually getting all your news from yeshiva world news.

Reading the comments to many of the more controversial posts is scary, because the people who comment are being serious. Its no joke, just read any “news” story with more then 20 comments- see for yourself.

Anyway earlier this week some Charedim aboard an elal flight to Kiev became “unruly” when an objectionable movie (anything besides Ushpizim) was turned on. Unruly for charedim is much different then for regular folks and I am quite sure a full out riot similar to those on shabbos at Kikar Shabbat was started. Of course they claimed that the airline told them so and so about not showing movies. Read the full article and comments here It does seem however that in recent months the Charedim have been becoming more and more violent- its gotta be the whole shmita thing, I know I go nuts without fresh produce as well- there is only so long one can go on birsdeye before they go nuts.

So I was on a date last night with Beth Satkin (who actually wished to be mentioned) who related a time when her family became unruly on an El-Al flight. Beth comes from a Charedi family and the whole family started a riot on a plane to Israel once.

“We were about to settle in for our flight Israel- which was on Tisha Ba’av mind you and all the sudden they announced that no movie would be shown. My family went nuts, we reasoned that if you were flying on Tisha Ba’av you obviously were one of those Charedim that wanted to fly when no one else was flying so you could enjoy the illegal movie watching without someone you know spotting you. We became unruly and started yelling in Aramaic at the stewardess.

Ok maybe not- actually Beth and her family were on a flight on Tish Ba’av to Israel when the crew decided not to show a movie. In camp no matter which one it was they always showed operation thunder bolt. Anyway, they became a bit unruly, I would have got off the plane and used my seat cushion below the seat for a flotation device if you ask me.