Shidduch Stacking is killing me

For the last few months I have been going through one of those lulls in my dating life. Ever since I broke up with my last girlfriend, I haven’t had too many dates, and sometimes it gets you down, the problem lies in when you get too many dates at once, and feeling the need to take advantage of all the girls being thrown at you, you decide to take them all on at one shot. This is called shidduch stacking!

My buddy who is probably reading this on his blackberry has a huge smirk on his face that says “I told you not to do it” and he is absolutely right, sort of. You see as a outdoors nut, I personally cannot justify giving up a perfectly good night of biking or hiking to date a girl, unless she wants to hike. I guess you can call me selfish, obviously I am not that desperate to get married or maybe no one is that exciting to give up a night of sweat and mud.

In the last two weeks I have stupidly accepted to go out with four girls at once. 2 are on line, now I know what they mean by a “list” in the yeshiva world. This is the first time I have had a list. Luckily one of the girls, although she was the coolest one, rejected me over the phone- one down. Then someone from facebook, a long time fan asked me out- I agreed because, anyone who asks me out and breaks down the stupid walls of chivalry, is deserving of a date in my book.

Then there’s the girl from Lakewood, which sounds cool, but Lakewood is 80 miles away in the wrong direction- if it was north or west I would have no issues, but there really isn’t much to do in New Jersey. Furthermore and this may be selfish, but red flags start going up when I realize they want to live in a big Jewish community, which I most definitely do not.

Then there’s this Monsey chick I spoke to last night, way too serious of a girl, wants to settle down. Jeez we are 26, our sexual drives are at peak and we don’t have arthritis, its time to take on the world, yes I am a romantic. But she did sound way too plain for me, I agreed to a date after some cajoling by her, who convinced that she doesn’t mind if I go into the woods- but of course I don’t think people understand the whole woods thing- its kind of like “I want a learning guy” well “I want an outdoors girl” or at least one of those girls that doesn’t mind a muddy weekend camped out with a bunch of hippies at Rainbow or something.

Then there are two more girls, which I was about to accept as well, but then I saw it was supposed to 65 sometime this week. They both “sound” interesting, and 90% of the time I can tell from the phone- which I know many people don’t agree with- but based on my phone experience, not ONCE was the fact finding phone conversation incorrect when actually meeting the girl.

One of the two other girls is from Toronto, and though I know nothing about her, she sounds very interesting, but yours truly is not lonely enough or desperate enough to go to Toronto just for a date with some girl I haven’t even seen a picture of. The other girls all have facebook. So I said maybe I’ll make a road trip out of it, that’s the way I flow.

So 6 girls at one time after being completely dry besides for my shidduch weekend, which didn’t work out but allowed me to see that my type of girls do exist, they are just rare. The girl I spoke to last night was trying to convince me that frum girls would never sleep outside and do what I do, I didn’t want to argue, but she was an aidel bais Yaakov girl too, yes they do set me up with bais Yaakov girls, 3 of the 6 are.