My friend was dumped by a girl because he read this blog

So I am talking to my buddy last night- who wished not be mentioned- and he related that he recently went out on a shidduch with a girl(I am not sure how many dates) and it came up that he thought this here blog was funny and he knew the author. The girl thought the opposite and ended it. I FEEL SUPER COOL AT THIS MOMENT!!!

So this obviously calls for a short question/post. I had this same sort of trouble back in the day- when I wasn’t doing videos- I would date people who had no idea that any of this blogging stuff was going on and all through the date/dates I would be nervous that they would receive my work the wrong way- in fact there was one girl who went nuts. The last 6 girls or so, have all been blog related so I haven’t had that trouble- it has been troublesome because I couldn’t write about the dates- but I didn’t have to worry about them “finding” out who I was.

Of course now that I have moved to Monsey I have been set up with 3 girls already- none of whom I have actually gone out with because, honestly, the sun is out and I would rather be on my bike then on a date. But 2 of these girls will have to be dated at some point in the coming week or so and what do I do? Do I come out with it? Do I just wait for them to find me? I usually gauge the situation, I could usually tell who is going to laugh and who is going to slap me in the face- shomer negia style with a 2 by 4 of course.