Adventure Bar/Bat Mitzvahs- only in Israel

Lets face it traditional Bar/Bat miztvahs suck, I am talking about the parties, not being called up to the torah for the first time and being pummeled with laffy taffies. I am talking about those lame parties with the girls standing on one corner and the guys at the other, waiting for someone to start dancing. I am talking about dancing the Hora with cousin Yanky from Lakewood or eating roasted chicken with instant mashed potatoes. Bat Mitzvahs I am told never existed until 30 years ago- but now that we have taken down the glass ceiling and put up a Plexiglas ceiling we have to have them- so it might as well be better then a simple meal of sushi and a day at David Busters.

Anyway someone sent me this thing for Israel Challenge– a company run by religious Jews that takes people Jeep Touring, canyoneering, shooting, mountain biking, rappeling and a bunch of combo trips. One of their things is adventure bar/bat mitzvhas- No Weddings huh? I always wanted my wedding to be ghetto and outside- although I have since found out through various channels that women, no matter how cool they are- still want their weddings in a nice white chapel with a tall steeple, ahem…shul, or random Boro Park wedding hall.

Here is sample Bar Mitzvah offering of theirs:

This is the total adventure package rolled into one unforgettable day.  We invite you to Bike through the desert on some of the most breathtaking trails that Israel has to offer.  Have your son/daughter enter adulthood in style by rappelling off of the cliffs of Metzukei Dragot.  And take an exclusive jeep tour of the Judean Desert with experienced, friendly and outgoing English speaking guides.  After this incredibly pleasurable and rewarding experience your guests enjoy a hot catered meal in the middle of the beautiful desert.  Programs for small children and those not able to participate in physical activities are also available including camel, and donkey rides an authentic Bedouin tent, and much more.

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