Frum Slang: The Urban Dictionary for frummies has arrived

Urban Dictionary for Frummies Wikipedia style-

Thanks to a random fan from facebook- my one day old blog has been changed into a fully functioning WIKI formatted page ready for your editing.

About two weeks ago I received an email from a girl in India who is interested in Judaism and loves this blog. She asked if I could do a post defining many of the commonly used terms on this site and in the frum community in general. As many of my friends on facebook can attest- I have been hounding people for words, terms, acronyms, phrases, etc… for the past couple of weeks. I was going to make it its own URL and be all fancy, but patience is not one of my virtues and I posted it in blog form yesterday.

I do not know what to expect, already I have been busy editing all the entries people have sent me over facebook and via email (the facebook profile frum satire was created to meet the fans- so go ahead and friend me). It has received almost 300 hits in its first few hours online. Granted I am going to change it around in form and function- and if anyone is savvy enough to edit and add terms and clever definitions- please contact me and I will make you an administrator. I would love for this to become a collaborative blog.