Interesting Yeshiva in Israel

Someone sent me this email about Leadership Yeshiva Academy in Israel, sounds more like a snobby prep school trying to compete for all the Jews that go to Williams or Colgate. The program sounds rocking, I myself never did my “year” in Israel, but since 80% of folks who do their “year” after high school go through the same situation I have lived vicariously through countless stories of. “I was in town every night getting drunk for the first three months- and then that got old and I realized I was there to learn and all the sudden I frummed out(usually in appearance) was wearing a black hat and making it on time for shachris every day.” Then of course these people come back home go to college and go back down, usually farther then they were before. Unless of course they were Modern Orthodox and in that case they go to YU and stay on the nerdy NCSY track that Gush or Rasheet out them on to begin with.

So for those of you that want something different, most of you may even have kids- I know I would have loved this Yeshiva Leadership Academy place. Check out this list of programs.

Sea to Sea:

For three days students will trek from the Mediterranean to The Kineret. During the hike, students will learn to push their limits and adapt to challenging situations.

Jerusalem Seminar:

Students will spend time in Yerushalaim touring and learning its history, holiness and connection to Zionism.

Judean Desert Survival Seminar:

For 4 days students will live in the desert. Students will put into practice the different skills learnt throughout the year. They will practice skills such as navigation, survival, adaptation to new environments, etc

IDF History Seminar:

In the footsteps of warriors- learning the history of Israel and the IDF by visiting famous battlefields, studying the events and meeting the heroes that helped make it happen.

Am Yisrael Seminar:

From a Charedi neighborhood to a Kibbutz, throughout the year, students will meet and interact with all the different types of people that make up the tapestry of Israeli society.

I know that some of you will be scoffing at the whole Zionism thing, but I never really appreciated Zionism even secular Zionism until I read the book Exodus by Leon Uris- yes I know its historical fiction- but it is now on my top 5 list of books ever- and would encourage anyone who wants to learn about the struggle to found Israel to read it.

Anyway I think this place sounds rockin’!