Web Yeshiva offers free Purim shiurim this sunday

I promise this will be the last serious post for a while. I don’t know what got into me, for anyone that I offended by being too serious and making them wonder what happened- don’t worry I have some great ideas for funny, non serious stuff next week. With that said, I have been working on this “frum urban dictionary project” and have received lots of great ideas- unfortunately I cannot put it up yet, I have so much material I have decided to make it into a website. Ideas can be facebook messaged and emailed to me frumsatire@gmail.com

With that said, the main point of this post was to tell you about Web Yeshivas free shiurim offerings this Sunday. I will be on a date, but you people can take advantage. I have some friends who joined Web Yeshiva a little while back when I informed everyone about the FREE trial. Well this is FREE so if your sitting around watching TV on Sunday- its supposed to be a wintry mix- so crappy weather means you have the time so why not.

Here is a list of the classes being offered.

Mrs. Ilana Saks – 11:30am Israel time, 5:30am NY time

Between Lines and Behind Masks – Reading and Understanding Megillat Esther

Mrs. Nomi Berman – 1:00pm Israel time, 7:00am NY time

These Days Should Be Remembered

Rabbi Moshe Morris – 3:30pm Israel time, 9:30am NY time

How the Jews Beat Haman – Understanding the Particular Power of the Jewish People

Rabbi Daniel Light – 5:00pm Israel time, 11:00am NY time

Where is the Kedusha in Megillat Esther?

Mrs. Geula Twersky – 6:30pm Israel time, 12:30pm NY time

Purim – A Holiday in Disguise

Rabbi Chaim Brovender – 8:00pm Israel time, 2:00pm NY time

Matanot L’Evyonim – It’s Better to Give than to Receive, but is it Tzedaka?

Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky – 9:30pm Israel time, 3:30pm NY time

Secrets for Life – From the Pages of the Megillah

Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel – 11:00pm Israel time, 5:00pm NY time

Why don’t we Recite Hallel on Purim?

Rabbi Yehoshua Geller – March 17th 12:30am Israel time, March 16th 6:30pm NY time

Secrets to the Midrash Encoding within the Megilla Text

Rabbi Avi Weinstein – March 17th 2:00am Israel time, March 16th 8:00pm NY time

The Drinking Life According to Halacha and Midrash: A Look at the Many Faces of Ad d’lo Yada

If your too lazy to scroll back up for the link to web yeshiva.