Ideas for making charedi buses more charedi

There seems to be some problems with the mehadrin buses in Israel, because while they proclaim themselves as glatt kosher, they not only do not have a mechitza like the famous “mechitza buses” of Monsey Trails, they also have unlicensed bouncers that seem to go out of control whenever a woman decides to become the hemishe Rosa Parks and sit in the front of the bus.

Why do I never hear of Charedim beating up people for violating the rules on the Monsey Trails buses? What are the folks who run the Egged Mehadrin buses in Israel doing wrong? Why have they had a hard time controlling these ladies who want to try their hand at non-violent protests and end up being killed by angry mobs of folks who want to see their insular way of life upheld.

I never understood why Egged Mehadrin buses didn’t just put a mechitza up, similar to those found on the Monsey buses, this solves seating arrangements and it also lets everyone who doesn’t know that the bus is glatt kosher, that in fact it is and by boarding the bus while wearing non-charedi garb they are liable to be attacked by a violent mob of people who felt that last weeks shabbos riots didn’t get enough done.

I also feel that in order to make the buses extra kosher they should just use the rear entrance for women, instead of having two coed exits. Another idea was to implement a similar plan that the FAA did by placing US Marshals on specific flights. Here the buses can have undercover Vaad Hatznius agents on random buses, and if some gets out of line, for instance if a lady does not have stockings with seems, or a man is seen surfing the net on his cell phone, they could arrest them for bringing pritzus to the land.

How about having electric fences set up that automatically sense when a woman is crossing into the frontal threshold and sends a small shock to the person trying to pull off some Rosa Park stunt and sit in the men’s section. Kind of like US Pilots having guns we can give the bus drivers in Israel.