Blog casualties: when what you write comes to bite you in the….

To me a blog casualty is when something bad happens due to the blog, usually it is something or someone that I wrote about and it comes back to bite me in the tuchus. This tends to happen with girls, although it hasn’t happened lately due to my realization that I cannot keep track of everyone who reads this blog, and therefore should tread lightly when talking about events I have attended and people I have met.

Mrs. F:
Before this blog was even started I had a blog casualty, I know, I know, if it wasn’t from the blog what are you talking about? Well prior to starting this blog I wrote a couple long drawn out essays for the rants and raves section on Craigslist. The essay that became my first post was about a series of events that happened to me in the shidduch and shadchun field. I happened to use one of the shadchuns names- this was used in my first post ever. For some reason she finds out, I have no idea what she was doing in craigslist because it would have come up when typing frum into the classifieds, but hey who am I to judge. So she emails me and tells me not to use her name, this was my first lesson in name using. Unless people ask specifically to be mentioned, do not mention them.

Monsey Girl:
I have gone out with plenty of Monsey girls in my day, I enjoy them the most because it means I don’t have to pay the tolls to get into the city. Well I went out with one and I wrote about the date which was great and she got extremely offended, because she happened to read it. Like many people prior to my drastic blog expansion, she probably read my stuff once in a while and never put the two together. This post was deleted!

Some of you may remember when I would debate with myself and others whether to tell my dates about my blogging career. Well this girl was told, but then I couldn’t resist writing certain things. Such as that I met her mom before her and since her mom was hot it put me at ease, temporarily that is- since when she walked down the stairs I wanted to run the other way. That didn’t sit well with her and she told the person who set us up.

Singles Shabbaton #1:

I would venture to say that 50% of the reason I am willing to put myself through singles shabbaton misery is because I know it will make for a great post. I also have fun, but more fun because it will get written about. Anyway my first singles shabbaton was an End The Madness shabbaton- infamous because some people love them and many hate them- and everyone has mixed feelings about the founder- there is a whole forum I have found that bashes him as a dictator. Well that dictator provides a full weekend for $36, so you all can screw your Gateways and Saw You At Sinai shabbatons.

Anyway this shabbaton was in Monsey, and for the evening meal it is set up that 6 singles will eat at a family. I happened to eat at someone who’s son went to my high school. The family was kooky and I made fun, but it was fun, it wasn’t meant to be negative. So I message the kid who’s parents I ate at and sent him the post, thinking that he had a sense of humor. Well not only did he have no sense of humor, he sounded like he wanted to rip my heart out like in the Temple of Doom.

Scranton Girl:
Scranton Girl really caught me red handed. I happened to be courting her during a week in which most of the posts were sexually oriented. We actually had a good thing going, I could tell she was impressed and although my friend warned me that he remembered her to have a mustache, she sounded really cool. I didn’t tell her about my blog, because although she was cool, she sounded very prudish. Well she found the old bloggy after googling me and bam I was whacked with this angry, seething phone call that sounded heart broken, oh and calling me a pervert. I deleted some of the posts in the midst of my semi-broken heart which lasted about 30 minutes, although those 30 minutes allowed me to delete such posts as “frum sex clubs on facebook” and “masturbating on shabbos” is one of the sub-categories of the 39 melochos.

So I wrote an apology post, since others complained about my sexual tendencies during that period. I have took an oath of celibacy in terms of blogging too sexually since then. The apology post got like 70 comments, mostly people telling me I sold out. Oh and I totally went back on my apology after that- it was just too much fun to write was I was writing.

Second Singles Shabbaton:
Ok so this really wasn’t too bad, but someone mentioned in the comments that I was blacklisted from End the Madness for future events. I have not gone since, but will go in the future or something. Anyway I basically spoke about the event in my style, and some people didn’t like that, they said I didn’t appreciate that people opened their homes. Which is funny because I wrote that at the end of the post. Read about my second singles shabbaton

Of course I cannot forget all the people I have offended along the way, they were all casualties as well, all those fellow bloggers that removed from their blogrolls, or folks who just downright didn’t like what I was saying, like the time someone removed their invitation to their house in British Columbia after I posted This-I guess that comes with the territory, most will laugh and a few will get offended.