Do you know of girls that do this???

I am pissed, I have heard of a not so new phenomena in the shidduch world that girls will go out on a date specifically so they can be taken to a fancy restaurant , luckily this has never happened to me, I probably would have refused, in fact the one time I took a date to a relatively nice place IE over $30 per person- we went dutch(she was very offended by that I learned from the shadchun- but at the time she “seemed” relaxed)

Anyway I have heard from quite a few people who have been on dates and the girl basically said at the beginning of the date that she was hungry and led the guy to a fancy place, rather then something moderately priced- which to me is still uncalled for. By the way the best way to get out of this shidduch date scam is to organize the date at an hour that people don’t normally eat at. The problem is that we guy are asking for it by taking dates out at the eating times.

It also bothers me that girls, realizing that the date will go nowhere, will order desert, thats a side story. I feel that desert in restaurants which is ridiculously over priced for a sliver of carrot cake that has been sitting on the cake platter for 3 weeks being cooled by a broken and noisy refrigeration system is not worth 7 bucks. I also believe that desert is the girls or guys way of saying- I want to spend more time with you- but we can’t just sit here in this establishment for hours, so we can slowly lick our forks of the frosting in a sexual way until they throw us out- hinting that another date is in store.

I have also heard through the grapevine of my friends wives that many girls actually will do this on purpose and realize that they are hosing a poor dude out of his savings or beer fund. On top of this I am told that pretty girls are the culprits usually.