Jewish Facebook: it was only a matter of time

Everyone knew it had to happen, but no one ever knows when. That’s right a Jewish Facebook has been created. Jewmango, according to the site is called that because the guy, I can only assume it’s a guy who got fed up with facebook likes Jews and Mangos, I know sounds pretty pathetic to me. Anyway I joined, why not, after all I am also getting bored with being stalked by random large black women and creepy looking Asian guys, I like to stick with the tribe if you know what I mean.

The guy who founded it also happens to be the designer of this site, so I beg of you to join Jewmango and I can be at peace, since he hasn’t collected my hosting fees or designing fees as of yet- and no I am not getting paid for this post. You can also be at peace because you know that the guy you have been poking back and forth for 3 weeks now is in fact Jewish and you do not have to pop the question mid-poking.

Like all things Jewish word will get out and all the sudden it may turn out like J-date which is the largest dating site due to the fact that it is not only the Jews joining. Or maybe intermarriage has gotten so bad that our tribe has expanded to include all the non-Jewish Cohens and Goldbergs- who knows.

Anyway I am wondering what good a Jewish facebook will do? Will they give us something for free, because we are Jews? Will their be a mechitza? There is one of those Besiyata deshamyim tags on the right hand corner which catches my eye. I hear there will even be a virtual mikvah on the site so people can do halalachically ok poking. I also hear that all those food gifts you can give people will be cholov yisroel and glatt kosher, because God only knows what they put in the real facebook food.

Another interesting thing to note, is the fact that since it’s a Jewish site, it will probably make its way through frummy filtering sites like kosher net and klean web. Oh and since its brand new you can probably also get past the social networking filters at your cubicle and finally have something to do other then blog, I know how many employers block facebook and myspace.

Or maybe its just another way to stalk your old seminary roommate and that guy you used to hang out with at Café Rimon, or maybe you can find out the shiz on shaindy before it hits the streets of Only Simchas.

I will leave you with this Facebook stalker video to get you in the mood.