Frum Satire site updates, and other news

Comment moderation is off, thank the Lord, but if you put a link in your comment, it will be moderated- thats how it is set up. As many of you hopefully noticed I have cleaned up my sidebar, for some time the blogroll was in tiny letters and I discovered the problem to be too much stuff on the actual sidebar. I took away the sponsored ads, because no one ever clicked on them anyway.

With the sidebar cleaned up I was able to ad something I have always wanted, just above the blogroll is a list of my best posts,
most of these were famous ones that had many comments and were linked up quite a bit. The blogroll has been updated, if you want your site to be on there, all I ask is for you to link my blog as well.

Towards the bottom of the page on the sidebar is the E-Referrer which tells me and you where the latest people are coming from, when they come from other sites that link to me, I like it because I find new sites and you can too.

I also want to encourage you guys to try and find older posts of mine and bring up discussion, I have seen in the past few weeks some folks have been doing that. The random posts widget is a nice feature, and if you go to the categories or archives page you click you will not lose your page and a new window will open. You can also search through all of frum satire for relevant keywords with the handy search button at the top.

I have been doing well on you tube, starting to try and upload a video once a week, thanks to Chaim from Life of Rubin for linking my video last week and bringing me many more subscribers making my total 43 as of now and my top video having almost 5,000 views, with several more having over 1,000.

Please visit my outdoors blog which is a more “real” version of me.

As always you can face book me at the name “frum satire”

My email address is

If you have any feedback please let it flow.