Where will you go for Pesach?

The only vacations that my family ever took together in my teenage and adult years were on Pesach (Passover). My father would usually start bitching to us in February about finding a cheap hotel that was as far away from Florida as possible, so we could go away for the whole pesach and not have to deal with the cleaning nightmares that plague all people who are not homeless.

Even though I never thought much of Florida, I always wanted to see the infamous Pesach hotel scene that took place there every year. It was a eshiva guys dream to walk along the boardwalk and be surrounded by a bunch of half naked semi-orthodox girls. I would always hear the stories about parties that everyone got some, and how the frummies were “not so” frummy at pesach in Miami. There were always these famous ones about how the women would wear a two piece bikini with a snood or sheitle, I still have not confirmed this yeshiva guy urban legend.

Though we never got to go, my father always debated going to Israel for pesach. He would comb the papers for those all inclusive packages with meals and airfare, but to our chagrin he always came up empty handed. It was always out of our price range and when it was in our price range it was sold out. After attending yeshiva in Israel I wanted to go even more, due to the fact that I would bring my bike and just ride the whole time.

Once again this year we are looking through all the ads in the Jewish Press and Jewish Week and I came across this, which caught my eye, because many of the ads in the papers say in fine lettering that the package only includes sedarim and a few dinners or something. Check This Out!