FYI: The Half Moon-K hechsher is now a 100% relaible hechsher!!!

I am sure many of you have seen the half moon-K on many products and have been dismayed because someone undoubtedly has told you that like many other random symbols that always seem to appear on great products, it was not reliable, always casting it down to the iffy- Triangle-K status.

Around 6 months ago my LOR- local orthodox Rabbi informed me that Reb Zushe Blech- one of the leading kasharus experts was taking over the Half Moon-K to try and bring their standards up to par. Well I wanted to know for sure and I gave a bunch of Rabbis I knew in the hashgacha industry a call because I was tired of the maybes.

I also found this article on the reliability of Half Moon K dated from June summed up what everyone should have been informed of already. Here is the press release that Rabbi Zushe Blech and Rabbi Dovid Jenkins put out, but for some reason there is not too much information about it and many people still do not rely on this hechsher. Any information as to why folks are slow to change their databases on accepted hechsherim would be appreciated.