Are you getting pissed everytime someone says “Im Yirtza Hashem By You”

If you ever pick up a copy of the Jewish press or read the latest in the rapidly growing, “girls who think they are getting too old to be marketable shidduchs” bloggers, or maybe you read the older single lady bloggers as well- you will come across the fact that for some reason or another they all hate it and tend to write very long posts when someone at a Jewish venue especially a wedding says “Im yirtza Hashem By you”. Do it go read any of the numerous too many to list single girl “entering the shidduch parsha” or “older and way past my prime” shidduch oriented blogs and you will fin this phenomena.

People say it to me with gusto all the time and I say thank you and carry in with my intake of food items from the buffet. For some reason this line has garnered enough hatred from singles to write articles about it in major Jewish periodicals and of course has led to a rash of blogs complaining about the shidduch crisis. The only way to understand it is that people feel that when someone says it too them, they are trying to put them down- boggles my mind why someone giving you a bracha would be trying to put you down- unless it is kind of like saying “may the neshama have an aliyah” because the person is too awkward to say anything else. But then again why should someone at a wedding be awkward around a single person. I understand the jealousy factors and the sadness, but SINGLES HAVE GOT TO LIGHTEN UP, go take up a hobby or something.

Ok with that said I found this T-shirt available at Cafe Press

Im Yirtza Hashem F#@! You