Freakin traffic tickets eh!!!

As most of you know I drive quite a bit, mostly for leisure, and sometimes because I have to, many of you don’t know that until a few months ago I hadn’t any points on my license and hadn’t gotten a ticket in the last few years.

My streak ended around 6 months ago and I have come to the belief that I have some bad voodoo with the police of NY state and other states as well. You see I don’t attribute tickets with bad driving, theoretically speaking I should get the equivelant of 3-5 years worth of traffic tickets per year since I drive about 3-5 times the miles of a normal driver. Sounds great, but until the last half year or so I haven’t caught up in my ticketage and have been paying the price.

It started out in Watervleit when I crossed a double yellow line and in order to escape the cop that may or may not have seen me (he saw it all) I made an illegal u-turn. He caught me and he was right, I was lost and frustrated. Luckily I delayed the trial for 6 months or so, preventing my insurance rates from rising. Eventually it ended up being something with two points.

Then I was in the Adirondacks for work and going the opposite way on some back road a trooper in a SUV clocked me going 73 in a 55. It was a hill you have to understand, but ever since I got a cra with a manual transmission I have been going pretty fast on the back roads. Its weird because on the highways I am slow unless I am rushing, usually cruise at 70. I got that ticket in the summer and the due to my clever delays my fine is due on December 19th another two points.

Ticket #3 was given to me by Maryland highway patrol on the way down to Baltimore for simchas torah. 80 in a 65. No points thank God. Then ticket #4 was probably the worst I have ever received. This ticket should have been 3 but he let me go with only 2 violations. I was going 50 in a 30, while talking on my phone with an expired inspection. I knew about the registration, if I would have known that cars after 1996 had to be computer diagnosed for inspection, I would have bought one of those. That’s the problem with driving relatively new cars with high miles, I am at 277,000 by the way- they have things like check engine lights that mean nothing. So I got a ticket for talking on the phone and the inspection sticker.

Usually I attribute speeding tickets and other things to my not having given enough tzedaka, that may be it, though I try and give whenever I can especially to those grimy pushka boxes with crusty oregano they tend to have at pizza stores.

Oh wait there’s more. I actually feel kind of cool about this one. I got one of those “NY red light camera tickets” and feel so cool with the pictures of my car running the light on Coney Island and Avenue P. No points, thank the Lord again.

So that’s 5 tickets in the last 6 months, I did drive at least 25,000 miles in the time, but I am just cursed I guess.