Ramat Beit Shemesh women voluntarily don burqas

I have been wondering why there have not been any crazy bans or chumras proposed by the ultra orthodox sects of Jews in quite some time. Just a few months back it seemed like every week there would be some sort of story about bannings and chumras, and all the sudden as if they needed some time off from the Charedi Chumra Patrol these stringencies ceased just like that.

I begining to miss writing articles detailing the funny reasons behind many of these chumras and bans, and the constant criticism I get for criticizing folks that must be doing good for their peeps. Then I received this article from Jameel about Charedi women in Ramat Beit Shemesh who have started to wear the full body burqa, because the shabbos robe is just not ugly enough. It seems that wearing just a dark baggy outfit and plastic haired wig could not scare the flirtatious people that hang around the chassidic neighborhoods of Ramat Beit Shemesh, so the ladies decided to take it into their own hands. Without the approval of the men, which is definitely bound to work some people up- they have donned the burqa, not many but enough to be noticed.

A while back I was thinking of what could be the next thing to be banned, and like any logical Jew I felt that the best thing they could ban in order to keep up with their philosophies- were women themselves. You see there is really no point of the women according to many people besides that of child making babies, cholent and doing the laundry. Banning women from public solves some issues that have come up recently, such as whom to charge for those Cherem Forms that they like to throw up on bus stop walls, and how to force the women to walk on their side of the street- when the Charedim themselves do not want cops in their neighborhoods. So naturally the solution is to ban women outright, from public places at least.

Now this whole Burqa thing is almost is a very weird situation for the higher ups, because while many Rabbis would love to see all the women reduced to giant sacks with wholes for the eyes, they do not want to be undermined of their power by having women chas v’shalom actually carrying out the decree themselves, whats a guy to do?

As long as they don’t start the honor killings, in frum neighborhoods I am cool with it, I am not charedi, so to me its just a matter of reporting. Fair and Unbalanced like Fox News.