The story of Frum Satire: Part 2

Last Monday I posted the first part of this series, I don’t know yet if I am going to post more on this subject. Depends upon how I feel this week which is going to be very hectic.

Since I had no idea about blogs and comments, and stats and all the other sort of stuff that traditional bloggers pay attention to, I wrote purely for my enjoyment, never in a million years did I think anyone would actually waste their time to read what I had written. I used to write 2-4 posts a day, just using my blog as a good format for me to read and keep track, sort of like a diary, except I wasn’t writing merely about my life, I was writing about my rants and theories which I have been giving over at any chance encounter with a frum Jew for years.

One day I received a comment, of course I thought I was the coolest person in the world, because unlike other bloggers who usully start a blog after being a regular commenter and reader of other blogs I had started without ever stepping into the blogging world. I had not expected comments, nor did I know I had to respond to them. I learned this as more and more people started commenting.

At this point I had never read another blog, so I had no clue about the ethics of blogging. Someone had told me about a blogroll, so I started trying to find popular Jewish blogs like Dov Bear and asking for links, he obliged and even though it is still to my old site, I think he was the first to link me. Then I figured out how to look at my stats and everything change.

Like most bloggers I became addicted to looking at my stats, I noticed that I had up to 30 people coming a day and thought I was amazing, wow 30 people had read my blog. I remember when I hit 100 people a day and started going insane, I was bragging about how popular I was and how cool it was that folks were reading my blog.

Then one day it happened, I went from 100 hits a day to somewhere like 500 for a few days and then back down to around 300 and then my numbers steadily rose. I had become a big Jewish blogger, except I had no idea why. After close examination I realized something interesting, 2 very popular Jewish bloggers aidel maidel and Krum As a Bagel had found one of my posts amusing enough that they should write their own post about it and link me. I had hit the big time and still had not only never really visited or commented on another blog- I had been linked and had received what would eventually amount to thousands of hits and loyal readers. This also became the first time I had received more then 10 comments or so on a post. This was on December 14th of 2006 about 6 months after initially starting my blog.

This cataclysmic event really got me into blogging, but once again not in the traditional sense. Although I started learning more about linking people, and responding to comments- I still did not find blogging itself too interesting, I rarely visited or commented on blogs. This was way different then my peers since most blogs were conceived by folks who had been blog lurkers, and that is why most of them died, because they had spent time on popular blogs and expected to garner tons of comments and hits over night- it just didn’t work that way.

I began to take an interest in my referrals and made an email address for myself. I then went back to my writing and just kept at it, this was the heyday of the blog, I had been coming up with multiple posts every day and even though many disagreed with my tactics I still had not bitten the bullet and succumbed to upping my stats, that sell out tactic did not happen till I started breaching 1000 individual hits per day.