Help I Quit My Job and Need New One!!!

So I quit my job last week and am now broke. Fortunately it wasn’t my only job, although it was my main gig. I never really discussed my job here on the blog due to confidentiality issues and although I will not discuss at great length the details. I worked up until a few weeks ago as Private Investigator hired by localities mostly to track employees that have been out on disability to build cases against them for collecting insurance while they were indeed able to move around. My firm and I did this through multiple ways, most of which were done through surveillance, dmv records and good old sleuthing around the property and filming them while following them around. Sounds cool and creepy I bet and your right on both ends, besides for the hours of monotonous waiting around for someone to leave their house, torah tapes and jazz can only keep you sane for so long.

So back to the main point of this post, I am broke and being that I am broke and living on a paycheck to paycheck deal I am trying to make money with this blog, until someone may notice I have some sort of talent and start paying me to utilize I have to take any offers I get for advertising, etc…

So I received an email the other day from someone who merely left his number and said we should talk. It was a Jewish area code number so I called and this is what the dude said. He started a site a while back that compiles Jewish news stories from around the net and allows people to rate them. He also has random weird news and tech news stories. I am always intrigued by the weird news, like the dude a few weeks ago who got caught having sex with his bike. As a cyclist I found this amusing since I am in a love affair with 3 bikes currently.

So this guy basically is asking me to promote his site, since this is not a pay per click deal I can rightfully tell you to visit his site and check it out, if you like it please pass along the link to other fine folks. You may ask yourself, what’s in it for me? Well the more money I can make off this thing the more excited I am to bring you funny shit to laugh at while you employed folks who rake in the dough and can actually feed yourselves sit at work being entertained by my ranting.

So people please visit for me your favorite blogger who wants to keep on doing this for foreseeable future.

Lastly, if anyone wants to hire me to do anything please contact me at – because I am seriously desperate for a job.