My Video Entry Into the Jewish Family Heirloom Contest

So the NJOP (National Jewish Outreach Program) is running a contest. First prize is 2 free roundtrip tickets to Israel.
The contest is called “Judaica across America”. You have to write about a Jewish Family Heirloom or make a video which I did.

I know what your thinking, I never win those contests and therefore I don’t want to waste my time with that crap, but you know what, since its a Jewish contest and its on the net, right away you have nixed half of the Jewish population from entering based on their anti-internet stances. On top of this, they asked me to enter. That must tell you something, that either my videos are so damned hilarious that they felt I could whip something up- which I did, or they are getting desperate- you decide. Click This Link for entry details.

Another Link for the contest!