I Think Restaurants should ban Jewish Goegraphy

Just like cell phones have been banned from most restaurants, I think Jewish Geography restaurant trolls should be banned as well. You know those people that walk into restaurants with no intention of sitting down, they just want to “see” if there is anyone they know inside. They walk in and act like they are checking the place out and all the sudden they see someone they know and boom its like one of those obnoxiously loud phone conversations while standing in line at the checkout.

I wonder if this happens in the non-Jewish world, do people walk into a restaurant purely to find someone to talk to? It just irks me that while I am paying good money to enjoy the décor and food, I have to listen to Yanky relate that he knows the folks at a nearby table from some vort they both attended 3 months ago. Then of course they must find out about who else thy both know, at the expense of the rest of the diners. Of course they pay no mind to the angry glares, as is the case with loud obnoxious cell phone users- which I will not talk about because everyone has written something about this crowd at one point or another.