Frum Satire Stand Up Comedy Show in NY on November 8

I was recently contacted by David Klimnick, a frum stand up comedian in Israel and asked if I wanted to participate in a show he was going to be doing in New York City. At first I was excited, and then a bit nervous since I have no idea if I would be funny or what I would actually say, my fears abated a bit when I learned I would not be doing actual stand up and if I chose would not actually have to get on stage at all, it was all about the material. I guess for someone who is mildly famous in his own niche to want to use my material was pretty cool, so I said yes. The following is the press release he sent me. Off The Wall Comedy can be contacted for more information. You can email me as well Tickets for the show at Mount Sinai are still available by calling 917-405-7622, $12.00 for Mount Sinai members and $15.00 for non-members.

The show will be located at the Mt. Sinai Jewish Center in Washington Heights on Bennett ave. Shull Website

It will take place on Thursday night November 8th at 8:30 pm.

David Kilimnick is Frum From Birth…That is correct, the man grew up Frum (religious) and the show has no story!

David Kilimnick, Jerusalem-Based Standup Comic, Guest of Honor: Heshy of Frum Satire

Brought to you by Off The Wall Comedy Empire & Frum Satire

February 14, 2006 – In a cosponsored event, and Frum Satire’s first ever comedy show. Back by popular demand, after a hit show last year, David Kilimnick, brings his Israeli style comedy routines back home to Washington Heights, New York. Kilimnick will be in Manhattan, Thursday, November 8 at 8:30 pm, at Mount Sinai

David Kilimnick (as seen in your seat at shule) will address the issues of being frum (religious), growing up frum and living in the frum community. Including Halachik issues, such as my life as a frum single Jew, and the length of Hallel (extra prayer for the holiday). David can pick up his groceries kosher groceries in Israel, but he can not pick up his frum girl.

David Kilimnick is a vibrant, interactive comic who made Aliyah in December 2004, after ‘wandering.’ Upon his return to Israel, after studying and practicing comedy in the States, he decided that comedy is what Jerusalem needs; thus, the beginning of the Off The Wall Comedy Empire. This past month, David opened Jerusalem’s first comedy club, The Off The Wall Comedy Basement.

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David continues his mission with to Find a Wife in Washington Heights, be her North American or South American.

As the proclaimed comedian of Jerusalem, David views comedy as a necessary religious experience. David’s comedy reflects his personal experiences and struggles as a single, new Oleh (immigrant to Israel), a rabbi and a customer of Best Buy. Understanding and empathy with social and communal issues, and an outcall for change make up the foundation of David’s platform. David will deal with ‘issues,’ rules for life, and even quote the Bible.

Tickets for the show at Mount Sinai are still available by calling [Phone Number], $15.00 or $20.00 paid in advance, $25.00 at the door. The show includes an Israeli-style café and dessert reception.

You can see more about David and Off The Wall comedy shows at

Editor’s Note: For an interview with David Kilimnick or more information about his performance, please call……972 (50) 875-5688

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