Torah can always heal depression

So last week I was depressed, mostly about my job situation which is pretty crappy. In fact I was so depressed (the most since my broken engagement) that the only thing that could take me out of my stupor was some learning, I know sounds kind of weird, but for me the only thing that really removes depression when I cannot ride my bike or hike, due to the fact it was raining and was late at night, is some good old Torah.

So I hopped on over to my neighbors house to chop me some torah and unfortunately for me they had some women’s chumash class going on, so I had no one to learn with. If it was a bit earlier I probably would have just called up one of my kollel buddies and asked for some chavrusa time. So I just learned some Bitachon stuff by myself.

Enter in the first futuristic yeshiva which was recently started by Rabbi Brovender. The Web Yeshiva is the first fully interactive online yeshiva with classes that can be watched and participated in real time. For us folks who live “out of town” this is especially exciting. Imagine being on a road trip and logging onto the net and being able to join a shuir in the middle of nowhere?

I am all about the 2 week free trial, if only they offered a free time life music of the 60’s, or some kitchen appliance along with that. So anyways, I think it rocks, or maybe that’s just because I live in the middle of nowhere and always have trouble making it to specified timed shiurim. Click here for the Web Yeshiva