How Rugelechs were invented

A recent conversation I had with a friend who had just come back from a summer in Israel:

Dude, how did you like Israel?

“It was awesome man, I went everywhere and stayed in the most whacked out places I could find.”

But the food man, I hope you packed it in. I also hope you went to the shuk.

“Oh yeh the food was awesome, but I couldn’t handle the shuk, every time they dropped some rugelachs on the floor they just picked it up again and put it on display.”

Dude, that happens in just about every establishment in the world, in some countries it’s just more acceptable to do it in public. In fact my brother used to work in a popular take home food store on the Upper West Side and you know what they told him to do if he dropped a chicken on the floor?

They would say, hey what would you do if youd ropped 8 bucks on the floor? The obvious answer is pick it up, though this was a bit more hidden, since folks on the upper west are a bit snooty and would probably freak out that their bad manners get them exactly what the same manners would get them at a lower scale establishment.

“Yeh but they didn’t even bother to wash it off, and it was in public not behind some fancy counter.”

Ever hear of the ten second rule? Besides how do you think Rugelachs were invented in the first place?


Someone in Israel dropped an unmade challah on the floor and didn’t bother wiping it off and all the sudden they had rugelachs.