48 year old women stalks me on frumster

I have written about frumster and all its glory many times and will continue to do so. In the past few weeks I have been inundated with weird experiences all having to do with frumster. By the way, it is quite rare that someone actually sends me a message, and in the past few weeks I have gotten messaged by 4 different people, who’s profiles I hadn’t even looked at.

The first girl, or lady shall we say, was a 48 year old women with kids who felt the need to tell me not to give up and that it was tough for her outdoorsy self to find someone as well. The initial message, which should have been the end of the conversation sounded as if it were a 14 year old girl talking on instant messenger. All the sudden I received another message- on frumster- it can be agreed when a conversation is over- well this women felt that she should take more information so she could “set” me up with someone.

That wasn’t so weird, but then it got weird, I received another message that was completely incoherent, and the women or man I have no clue was trying to make small talk. To this message I did not respond. Then I received a message from the same women who had changed her profile name, and put that she was located in the same town I was located in, interesting because prior to that she was from NY metro area.

That didn’t freak me out at all, I thought it was kind of cool to be stalked by some Russian looking 48 year old women with a blond sheitle who wrote like a 15 year old teeny bopper. Then it got weirder, she sent me another message from the same profile and changed her name again. When I tried to retrieve these messages to bring them to you it turns out her profile is gone and with that the messages as well.

The next girl was a 28 year old fashion person from New York City, not too interesting of a profile, and her initial message went as follows- “so…u into older girls.” I could have swore she sounded like a 12 year old trying to get a date with a 10 year old, but 28, jeez!

So I wrote back that, yes, I do date older girls and asked her if she could write me an email explaining why she was interested in me, since her profile was one of the types that I automatically reject, based on its normalcy. Here is her second message, in response to my short letter asking her what she is into:

“ha ha…thats pathetic that a 48 year old woman is stalking u thats like our parents age…..maybe your like the son she never had…eeeww that’s gross if you think about it…

you hook it up….where were u for second days succhot……i was in uws wow crazy and intense..but less people then other years…..”

Instead of rejecting her like a man, I felt that wasting a few sentences on her would be a moot point, so I did the basic frumster reject letter and here was her response- there should be no response by the way. The whole point of the reject letter is to get you the hell away from my profile. “ok ur weird..bye.” You see I have never heard of women lying about their age to be older, but maybe this 14 year old wants to be double her age, who knows?

The third girl of the past couple weeks is not too weird, but I wonder if people realize that they come across like idiots when they write like this. Now I never said I could spell or use grammar correctly, but this is pathetic, at least she was 20, so I couldn’t hold so much against her.

“so u like to wonder around forgotten towns? hmm.. that seems like alot of fun actually.. which is ur fav. place that uve seen so far? ok ok im random i kno.. anyway i had to break the ice somehow.. u seem like a chilled out guy 🙂 lol feel free to write back if ud like .. hope u have a great day.. o and my password is red315 for my pic (in case u were wondering)

If you are wondering what I write to initiate conversation with folks on frumster, here it is. Almost everyone gets the same message, “Hi I liked your profile, take a look at mine and tell me what you think.” I do it short and sweet because I can write a long rant, only to have the person read it and never respond, or just send me a rejection, so why waste words.

Have any whacked out frumster rants or stories, I would love to hear them.